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Vaudeville, from 1880 until the 1930’s was north americas top form of entertainment. Now it’s reality TV, and even virtual worlds – no real statistics were used in the making of this post – which kind of makes sense really. Live entertainment is hard to edit, which allows for a higher level of shock value, the pie in the face probably being the most famous vaudeville slapstick carry on.

Designers United III is a themed event that happens every few months, where a team of designers get together under one banner, and one idea and expand upon it… I find this concept fascinating to watch, and my only displeasure is that they don’t spread it out a bit further than one location. Even going so far as to maybe even showcase an item or two of another designers in their own store. Kind of a relay of sorts, if you went to one designer participants store you would find items from the event of a different designer. So for those wanting only one designers items would actually have to go to a completely different store, which could make them a new fan…now that to me would be a way to unite.

Ok rambling aside, and totally they are doing an incredible job, the last two events were superb and this one is shaping up to be incredible. What a theme for this time of year, it really is a time to get out of your comfort zone and party on. Showing some items from Royal Blue creator Marni Grut, who has been invited to participate this time around.

The first combo is so adorable and cutesy. I mean if you are going to put that much tulle under a skirt why not flip it up and show it off lol. I love this idea, it is so fab and allows you to show off your knickers. It is totally a Kewpie doll effect, I could be perched on the top of a cane at the Royal Easter Show for sure – yes our versions wore cute little flip dresses.

Marni has created a slew of hats and headbands for this event also, the overall favourite for me, and OMG we got Whimsy in a Hat, is The Narator. This hat is a MUST HAVE , it’s design is just fantastically inspired, and for those that love the written word, and stories of old, well it just makes sense you would love this too.

Seeing as Vaudeville was a total merging of all the different types of entertainment of the time, from theater to freak shows, The Illusionist mask kind of represents that ideal perfectly, also the other pieces together gave me the idea of a magicians assistant, with a more modern take. I have to admit I kind of feel like a bit of a superhero in this get up too, or at least I could ride a mean trapeze – as long as it had good poseballs of course.

Last week Rosemary Galbraith of Cupcakes IMd me for a chat about her upcoming skin range, by the time we were finished brainstorming, it had pretty much been completely reworked, and some new ideas for the finished product emerged. I was glad to see this week that all that work came through with a beautiful product.

The Darling Collection has two different noses, for those that want a bit of ethnicity in their skin range, as well as a more Caucasian look. The brows are tintable with different colours provided, and now with shaved as well as a definite lingerie friendly down there, seeing as the store does do their own range of swimwear and lingerie that was something that we discussed.

So many tones to choose from, as well as really lovely make ups, this is a definite step forward for the Cupcakes range, and if you have not tried their skins in the past, I recommend doing so now. Also while you are there make sure and check out the clothes, they are so pretty.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Star – Magika

Skin: Darling – Sun – Dark Love BR1 N2 – Cupcakes

Clothes: The Transformation Begins in B/ Pepto Bismol – Royal Blue (Designers United Event item)

The Death of a Clown Socks in Mono Act – Royal Blue (Designers United Event item)

Shoes/Boots: Shavon Boots – LeLutka

Accessories: The NaratorRoyal Blue (Designers United Event item)

Takara Nail/cream white – Mandala

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Reel Expression – Burlesque

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Kate – Magika

Skin: Darling – Sun – Shimmer BR2 N1 – Cupcakes

Clothes: The Transformation Begins in Court Jester (without skirt portion)- Royal Blue (Designers United Event item)

Lace top stockings – Blowpop

Shoes/Boots: Saffron Pumps – LeLutka

Accessories: The IllusionistRoyal Blue (Designers United Event item)

Punch the Jester Gloves in Cranbery Clash Royal Blue (Designers United Event item)

EMERGENCY neckless – LeLUltra (coming 30th Dec 2009)

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Reel Expression – Burlesque

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD VR Foundry

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