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We of course are so comfortable in our Fashionalities – yes made up word from a twin experience Whimsy and I had last week, it means being comfortable enough in oneself to totally wear the same stuff as your friends, and them to be comfy enough to not give a shit. It can also mean you can totally fixate on an outfit so much that you wear it for a week, and even though your friends may jab at you, it’s all in fun…Disclaimer THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MEN! – Change your damn clothes already.

Ok so as usual we were all doing our thing, chatting in conference. I tp’d away from the landing area at The Deck and a few minutes later Ashia was wondering where I was. The other day I had taken another friend to update her look and one of the items I got her to buy was stuck in my head.

I realised that we hadn’t been to MichaMi in loads so off we went, when we got there Whimsy and I were sitting on the fab sofas , and I declared we needed to do a collab pic…yeah I am bossy like that, but if I wasn’t we would still be waiting for a blog post from Whimsy well into 2010, she likes to think that all the planning she does for posts is the same as actually doing one :P.

Ashia was calling out from the next room that she was almost there, she was going to wow us with her accessorising. Well she did indeed. Last night we had been shopping, lol funny how we do that a lot.

I had totally tried and failed at prim nails in the past, I mean I loved them..and the ones out and about are fun and fab…but they just didn’t ever do as much for me as I wanted. Then Whimsy sent me IM’s of STOP MEEEEE the other day, and I did. But then we went back and she fatpacked all over the place, and by the next day I was also hooked, so much so that now I am dealing to others, so far Ashia has joined us in Mandala Love too.

They come with the rings, and incredible bracelets and bangles. Those luckily can be worn as seperate parts, and on this occasion I didn’t wear those pieces, but believe me I will. While you are visiting Mandala, be sure to take notice of the fantastic advertising art that is in the store, it is really inspiring, and his flickr and work he does for DeJa Vu Magazine is awesome too.

Ashia Tomsen :

So, this is the most accessories I’ve worn since early 07 during my neko phase 😛
I’ve never worn prim nails, but these were so pretty, who could resist the crack.
I love the beige shade from Michami clothes, more like an old gold, so beautiful. This suit caught my eye and begged me to take it home, cos I knew it would go perfectly with my xmas pressies from manadala. The gorgeous jewelery and nails sets.
The only boots that were perfect enough to go with such a groomed look were of course the Bax Prestige boots in brown.


Wanting to of course make the post painless to shop from, we totally did the same stores thing, Lamb hair, looking smexy, Bax boots because not only are they gorgeous, especially in the NEW Suede version which I am wearing…if you go for the colours you get four beautiful tones, even the black in the suede has options, which I am sure many wish was the same in the leather. If you are a boot lover, check out the fat pack in the Suede Prestige it’s price is great.

We all really love our MichaMi, Milla is not just a great person, fantastic blogger but also an extremely talented designer…I am looking forward to her new styles in the new year, we were discussing her while shopping, and decided that a collection from Milla if she let loose, would be a fantastic thing to see.

We are of course all wearing the beautiful Justice Skin, by Idiosyncrasy designer Ashia Tomsen <3 Whimsy has been all about the brown make up in this skin, and I am chuffed there was such a beautiful deep smokey blue shadow option in the 6pm pack. Whimsy is also wearing her new coat from CoCo we went and got that last night, and it is just stunning on her, we might have to find her some corgi’s to go with it, oh wait she has them too.

Whimsy Winx:

This lovely hair from Lamb, has the softest of brown textures, and I love it for its highlights and lowlights. My lashes were a fun find from Oh!, I went for hair and fatpacked the lashes! They also come with a lighted version for those still thinking they need facelights. My skin is from Idiosyncrasy, and is the new Justice line which has this awesome lipstick shade that I love.

My coat is from Coco, its this awesome cute swing coat. I saw someone wearing a swing coat just yesterday in real life and loved the cut of it, and this lives up to what we love about them in real life. The texture and detail is well done, and I love particulary in this color choice how the grey and browns work together. With this much color and pattern going on, I didn’t over complicate the outfit and went with MichaMi’s Pippa pants for their color, and the texture of the fabric. The beige sweater from Fishy Strawberry lent more browns, and great textures to the look.

To pull everything together I chose my Bax boots, in brown which really work well with the Coco coats details.

My obsession with my Mandala nails was too much for me and I had to have them. Love them! I find they fit will and the texturing is amazing, funky, yet chic. The nails come with the matching rings attached, and are no modify. Also included with purchase are amazing bangles. Both in Bright, and No Bright Options. To pull more grey tones I went with the Tarika Claw earrings from Zaara, in silver. My cute belt from CoCo is a fun accessory I love the joining clasp in the front and how it becomes a feature.


Agrees because I got that belt too lol. I hope you liked our collab pic, I spend time with these two all day everyday, and honestly I wish Sofia, Newdoll, Justice and Milli could have been in the pic too, but we can grab them next time.

Check out the wonderful blogs of Ashia Tomsen and Whimsy Winx by clicking on their names.

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Ashia Tomsen :

Hair : Ghost – Lamb

Clothes : Stella – MichaMi

Boots – Prestige Boots – Bax Coen

Accessories :  Soul Necklace/Earrings , Takara Nail/Buddha Bangles/Rings – Mandala

Skin – Justice 8am Pale 2 Light Brows- Idiosyncrasy

Whimsy Winx :

Hair: Lamb – Oh Sugar – Twix
Lashes: Oh – Girls Secret
Skin: Idiosyncrasy – Justice – 6pm Sun 6-C
Earrings: Zaara – Tarika Claw – Silver
Coat: CoCo – Check Swing Coat – Gray
Rings/Manicure: Mandala – Takara – Buddha Brown
Shirt: Fishy Strawberry – Jewelled Cashmere Sweater – Beige
Pants: MichaMi – Pippa – Pants layer
Belt: CoCo – Leather Belt – Brown – Silver
Boots: Bax – Prestige Boot – Brown
Sasy Scarborough:

Hair – Unbirthday Redux – Lamb

Clothes – Malina set – MichaMi

Boots – Prestige Suede Boots – Bax Coen

Skin – Justice 6pm 2 Dark Brows – Idiosyncrasy

Accessories – Takara Nail/Buddha silver – Mandala

Medallion Earrings – Essentia