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Riding in the Hood

Red in the Hood

Halloween is just around the corner, what do you have planned for this creepy and ghoulish day? We don’t really celebrate it down here, not the way they do in the states anyway, so it has always been a bit of a wanting to do it, and a not understanding the hype of it all.
Not until Second life did I really see how incredibly celebrated the day for so many really is.

So for the last few weeks, amongst getting Halloween at The Deck sorted, and the launching this weekend of What’s New SL, I have been thinking of the Battle Royale skins by Gala @ Curio. I really have been, ever since I got them, how I was going to show you the wonder and creativity that is this skin release.

So many ways you can in fact show them, and not only in pic format, I mean I even wrote a movie/satire in my head for hours the other night while laying in bed, and the concept was so fun, and I was so excited, but at the moment I wouldn’t be able to truly do it justice, maybe one day I will get it done, I do hope so.

Anyway as I was tossing ideas around prior to that night, something so obvious hit me, well actually it was more like if it was possibly I would have stubbed my toe on it. The Red Riding Hood set from Stellar was on my floor so I wouldn’t forget to unpack it. I knew right then the only thing to do was to show that in the end Red always wins, and she doesn’t need a man to help her.

Then bloggers fate slipped in, you know I talk about that often, you see every so often as I have written here before, I get hat need mental, like seriously…it’s like those days you don’t have any chocolate in the house and you could seriously walk 500 miles to get some. Well today was one of those days, and rarely is that need sated, but today OMG was it ever, because lo and behold there in The Hat Mechanic – thanks Aradia for reminding me of the store name to find it – was this incredible Riding Hood set that totally shows who the victor is.

The set from Stellar actually comes with a hood and cape, hair, shoes, basket and the adorable and very naughty – flipping up showing the tartan panties – dress. However I did change the hood, cape and basket for the ones in the set from The Hat Mechanic. All in all the combination is the perfect way to not only take back your power this Halloween, but to show the true Diversity of creativity intended to be part of our ever growing talent pool.

If it wasn’t for skins such as this one, that allowed me to show off through continuity of make up, the steps from perfectly adorable, to bruised and battered after taking on a wolf, to the finished result of the mending process, It would have surely been a most boring picture…..or I would have had to spend hours in photoshop with skills I don’t have, or paid someone to make me a custom, or done some mods to an eloh which is of course more plausible, but by the time I got the look I wanted and deliberated over looking cute enough, it would have cost me way more lol.

Definitely the perfect excuse if you ask me to buy such an extravagantly ridiculous and marvelous all rolled into one item, crafted by a brilliant milliner.

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Picture :

Hair: Part of Red Riding Hood set – Stellar

Skin: Battle Royale skins – Gala @ Curio

Clothes: Red Riding Hood Set – Stellar

Shoes/Boots: Part of Red Riding Hood set – Stellar

Accessories: Little Red (Cape, Basket, Hood, Wolf ) – The Hat Mechanic

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Leafy

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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