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Shiva in anticipation

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Sometimes you can be way too organised for festive occasions, like having your Christmas shopping done by september, or thinking about valentines day in november. The Christmas one I have been guilty of in the past, but as halloween is such a fairly odd thing for us down here to get into, it really is rare to be prepared.

I would love to say that months ago when I bought this beauty, that it was in fact with Halloween in mind, but I would be lieing. The real truth is, that I was so intrigued by it that I just had to have it, the other truth is that until the other day I didn’t even unpack it, yes I know, for all my excitement I got way sidetracked and it ended up unpacked until I came across it for a second time this week.

I am glad though , because with all the excitement of this upcoming event, it got my attention even more so, not that you need Halloween in SL to wear a costume, or change into a more fantastical avatar, but it doesn’t hurt getting your funna on.

This avatar was a surprise to me, not just how cool it is, but also because of who made it, it is by Damien Fate, the creator behind Loco Pocos, and even more of a reason it had to be mine. I am not a Final Fantasy fan, I am not not a fan either, I just have to admit I know nothing about it, other than I think it is a movie series, or was a game, or something like that.

Now many of you that read my blog know that I am not a huge fan of the purple, there are many I will wear , but one I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about. Now Damien it seems thinks that this skin is blue, I don’t know about that, the eyeshadow and lips are blue , but the skintone is definitely living in the purple house. But even that didn’t deter me.

The amazing thing about this set other than you get everything you see, is that the head is a head, I kid you not, it is sculpted, and WOW , have you ever wanted those adorable blinking eyes that only furries and tinies usually have, well you can, this is actually really an amazing experience, to have a sculpted face, it is simple in design, but I couldn’t help wanting to wear it all day.

I do have the actual shape on that came with in the set, but the other day I was wearing it with my own and everything fit perfectly. The sort of clothing, is on the actual skin layer, so everything is skin, shape and prims. There is a hud and ao that comes with for all those fabulous effects, I really want to wear it full time , nothing like shooting ice diamonds at someone.

Find the Shiva Avatar HERE .