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Girls on the road


Today the girls were in a shopping mood, which is kind of regular in our group. We went with an old and new kind of thing today and while we were all styled up and looking fab I took some pics at the last store we hit.

My outfit comprises of the old and new to me, with one of my favourite denim skirts, that I have had for a year or so now, and knew was perfect when I went to grab the tank top I bought today. Whimsy and I went to Muism 12 hours early for the sale the other day, and of course I ended up passing out an hour before it began, and only now managed to make it back there.

As soon as I had it on with the Denim skirt I grabbed the J’s long boots in reddish brown and I was stoked. All that denim love lead us to Aoharu , where Whimsy wanted to get herself one of the latest vintage denim jackets. Ashia ended up finding the stunning tailored jacket that I had to grab myself as well, it is fantastic and definitely old school in it’s straight from the opshop look. It actually comes with the vest underneath and Ashia styled it well with the adorable button down dark blue skirt and the lovely lace scarf from Miel.

The other great addition are the awesome BAX Prestige boots in the brown, those come with four different browns and one that wouldn’t normally be a first choice was absolutely perfection for the jacket. When Whimsy and I were at Muism early lol, we scoped out what we were going to buy at the sale, which was in a way kind of fun, like making a wish list.

As soon as she saw the asymetrical Zip skirts she knew they would be hers, and sure enough she fat packed it. They also come with a shorter non asymetrical version, so a steal during the sale for sure. The skirts and my fab tank are actually located in the smaller summery store outside and along the pathway, it can be a tad confusing but they are definitely reduced during the sale as well.

Of course Whimsy got distracted by all the pretties at Aoharu, who wouldn’t…so as well as the denim she ended up preparing for the colder weather ahead, and secretly I think it was a way of convincing herself she needed new boots too. She is wearing the Military coat over an old top from Celestial studios that she has had for yonks, and still looks gorgeous.

Now the skin you see on all of us is the NEW Bella by TULI skins that have been released at Skin/Shape Expo, a portion of all sales on these skins will go to the Susan G Kolmen charity that they are raising funds for. We all look so different in this beautiful skin and at the moment Tuli is working hard to get the rest of them released I am sure, but don’t rush her because artists need to take time.

We ended the trip at BP* where my skirt is from, the girls all picked up one or two, and I grabbed another for myself, we decided to take the pics out the back door on the Drowsy Sim. Thankfully we had our VR Professional Library HUDs to be able to change poses with on location even though unable to rez.

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Whimsy Winx

Hair: Maitreya – Zoe – Kala Jeera
Skin: Tuli – Bella Tanned – Natural (push up)
Eyes: Glamurena – Mossy Eye
Jacket: Aoharu – BT Military Coat – Khaki
Shirt: Celestial Studios – Trixie Hoodie – Brick (without hood)
Skirt: Muism – Denimi Zip Skirt Beige (Short and Long options)
Boots:  Pixel Dolls – (Luna Viola) Desert Boot – Brown Accents (color changeable hud)

Equipment: VR Professional Library and HUD – VR Foundry

Ashia Tomsen

Maitreya – Moon

Aoharu – tailored jacket-beige

Miel-  scarf-black lace

Axel – denim skirt

Tuli – bella-light natural pu2

Deviant Kitties – the line pirecings

BAX – Prestige boots brown

Sasy Scarborough

Hair: Nahla – Maitreya

Skin: Bella – Tuli (Skin/Shape Expo)

Clothes: Denim Pants Skirt – BP*

Union Jack Top – Muism

Shoes/Boots: Long Boots – J’s

Accessories: Byzantine Choker – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Equipment: VR Professional Library and HUD – VR Foundry

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