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Pip Pip old pal


So today I woke up and checked my emails as I was logging in. There was an offline from a designer who’s store I featured a few years ago, letting me know he still remembered that the first time he appeared in a blog it was by me, and that now he had his own store blog.
I thought that was so sweet, and was excited to see some items I hadn’t seen of his on the blog. Yes I did go and search out his store every few months, but nothing that I didn’t already have, until today. So as soon as I logged in and sorted through everything I had to , I was off and running.

I also checked out another store, then came home. Trying on all my new outfits I remembered that I had meant to swing by Refuge, so off I went again, and got two more styles to show with my other Refuge hair. I really like the hair produced by Refuge, especially with the straight across rock-a-billy bangs. The first style has the most adorable bows and pins decorating the pigtails look.

All the clothing I am wearing is from SK Designs, they have been around since 2007 and their look has changed a bit, but not too much over that time. The creator Sergio designs for both men and women, but I think from the style of clothing he does, that he probably enjoys making for women a bit more. The ensembles are sold as sets, so all you see is all you get, and sometimes more, depending on if there are other coloured tops or both long and shorter pants, etc. The prices are really reasonable and transfer, so if you are looking at buying items that you can share with your other selves, this is perfect.

The skins I am wearing are the Cleo skins from Dutch Touch, with more leaning towards the more creative of make ups in the range, the punk and pip make ups are a fun change. The eye make ups are especially gorgeous, and I have been wearing the punk skins on and off for the last few days, I love the liner on the inner part of the eyes.

Old boots in the form of the 3way Engineer boots from J’s, teamed up with the brand new Rea Suede plain boots by Pixel Mode, these are delightful , in a range of colours that you can co-ordinate with a vast range of seasonal choices. The style are simple but elegant, they have a semi scrunched look, and an incredibly high heel. What is very surprising and will make many happy , is that these boots are mod, so that you can size them to your needs.

I had a wonderful time revisiting an old store, and came out with lots of newness, I hope you like.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

Picture :

Hair: Caroline , Zoey, Harriet,Stefan,Vicki – Refuge

Skin: Cleo – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Amorphix set, Hipocrisy Set, Ilshan Set, Nightfall Dress, Redneck Set, Santox Set – SK Designs

Gloves – Cynful

Shoes/Boots: 3way engineer boots – J’s

Rea Suede Plain – Pixel Mode

Accessories: Technomancer Neko Collar – Dark Eden

Heavy Neck Chain – Cobra Hive

Byzantine Necklace – Essentia

Glass Earrings – GLOW Studios

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

Poses/Animations: Leafy Poses

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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