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Lifes a Beach


Lifes a Beach

Kura had me at Sassyyyyy Newwwww. I love that girl, I cannot help it, she always makes me smile no matter what the IM is regarding. The New Alexis Jacket and Alexis pants sets, sold seperately are just too many shades of awesome.

The pants come as shorts, medium wide leg capri or trousers with and without cuffs options…but nothing prepared me for the bliss that is the Jacket. Vintage looking YES, beautiful ruffle style piping YES YES YES, but as much as all of those things are adorable, NOTHING compares to the flippy uppy bottom at the back of the jacket. Even without the pants, can’t you just imagine this with a system skirt…LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The sculpties and texturing is lovely, and so much so that I couldn’t resist showing it without the prims, which actually makes a nice looking shirt.

The new Beach Skins by Gala @ Curio are just another sensational product. The thing about the Gala line, is that she really does know what it is to be female, and that is so evident in how she packages her skins. Some women stick to a tone, they will not deviate from it, and if it is not similar enough in another brand they will do without.

I myself vary my tones dependant on mood, I can switch from pale to dark tan at the drop of a hat, but I do tend to stay around the sunkissed region. Now lucky for women like me, Gala not only does a wonderful range of tones, but she gives you a light and dark variation of each, as well as a slight variation on each make up, giving you so much more for your crazy days of not being able to decide on the look you want.

I swear this consideration of her customer base, makes for huge fangirlyness. I remember once a friend I worked with saying, you should never shop with PMS, because she came home with a faux fur bikini o.O , I kid you not , faux fur. So on those days when nothing sits right, your attachments wont attach, and you swear you want to go from light to dark or dark to light in skin, just coz, and no one can change your mind, at least you may be able to calm down a bit, and possibly save some buyers remorse with a Gala.

In the main picture I am actually wearing a special and exclusive to the Skin Fair that is now on for a short time, each wonderful designer was asked to make an exclusive to the fair skin/make up and Gala released the Beach Osprey make up, which is gorgeous, and a steal, where you get not just one tone, but all tones, in light and dark with two make up variations for only 1K.

There are slight differences in the Beach face, the mouth especially, whether already a huge fan of the Gala skins, or in the past them not suiting your shape, take the Beach for a whirl, and definitely do not miss out on the Osprey , the idea of getting all tones in one, is just fabulous.

Picture 1:

Hair: Anessa, Jude, Chris – MADesigns

Skin: Beach – Gala @ Curio

Clothes: Alexis Jacket & trousers – DeLa

Shoes/Boots: Silvera – DeLa

Accessories: Dianni Earrings, Dian Bracelet – DeLa

Hair Rose – Essentia

Poses/Animations: DeLa

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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