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Mechanized Life

Mechanized Life owned by Codebastard Redgrave, has a large assortment of gadgets for the Second Lifer; to organise and stay focused on what is what in their world.
RSS Feed Server
It starts with the RSS Feed Server, so easy to use that when it rezzes it will give you a code that you will later retrieve and copy paste to a settings notecard.
RSS Feed Screen
The settings cards where easy to understand, and the instructions were perfect in their step by step format.
RSS Feed Screen Operational
For people that like to keep up on their favourite Second Life blogs, or you might just like to have your favourite News website input into it, this is a great tool.

I found it easy, and as someone that posts every other day on The Deck blog about New Items here, it means that now when landing at the landing point people can see past posts and be directed to that store here on the island.
The only downside I saw is that you do need to be streaming video to have it show up, but the screen that shows if it isn’t streaming is pretty attention grabbing that people will know to turn it on to see what you are trying to communicate to them.

So whether you use it for personal use, to keep up to date with fashion feeds, or the official Second Life blog, or just because you like to know whats Happening on your favourite RL Gossip EMag, it is definitely easy to use, and costs nothing to maintain.

For more info on the Mechanized Life RSS Viewer visit their website HERE, or take a TP to Mechanized life, you will find them on my slurls page, or just look up the famous Rouge sim.