Hair Updates a thunk

Ok so I was talking to Truth and had one of my thunks…Hair creators need to consider putting update scripts in their hair. To be able to update an existing style to the latest textures available without having to rebuy the style would rock.

No offence it’s not to diminish sales etc, because I really do not think any hair creators change textures expecting people to run out and buy the hair all over again…but more to have the best quality out there with the increase in skills over time, but because customers can’t always rebuy it all it means older styles/purchases often don’t get worn at all.

I myself try not to wear older textures in posts (off the posestand I don’t mind at all), because I know that I have in the past sent a reader bonkers trying to find a style that no longer existed 🙁 but I got a great friend out of it lol. It is also hard even keeping up with what is newer, and I think that some people would feel more reassured buying up a whole store of hair knowing that no matter how many improvements the creator made, you were right there with them.

Again this is not to say anyone is doing the wrong thing, or bad by the customer, I do not think so at all…change is fabulous and watching a creator change and improve over a length of time rocks..but it was a thunk of how to take away the painful decision making on actually changing out textures etc, I know that some toss around the idea for months very worried about customers being disappointed, this would be a way of taking away some of that stress.

rambling out xox Sasy xox