Fashionable Relay Challenge

Fashionable Relay Challenge

“Welcome to the Fashionable Relay Challenge, where we each in turn (order to be determined later) put together outfits that integrate an item from the Person who is on the list before us.”

Yes a challenge with an interesting twist. This one is going to take some planning because of the way it is going to happen, so please note, that to participate you will need to comment on this post with your avatar name and the url to your blog, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

Also this is not only for bloggers of fashion to participate in, anyone that has access to a blog of some sort should join in the fun.

The cut off time for commenting to be included will be Wednesday 11th Feb, that gives everyone time to see and hear about it. Once that cut off happens those numbers and names will then be posted with links to their blogs, and then it will begin.

How it works : Each person will have a number, and that will be the order they are going to post in. Each persons post will show a look they create and then the person after them will choose ONE item from that persons post to wear in theirs, the item you choose is totally up to you based on their complete look.

You can choose to wear the same skin as the person that posted before you, that is up to you , the relay item is totally your choice, but in the description/rules I will refer to clothing and accessories.

Example:  Person one wears shoes made by designer A , Person 2 wears same shoes, Person three cannot . Each person should try and make their look as completely different as possible except for their relay item this way there should be a lot of diversity.

The way it works is that only two people will share the same item, giving so many different looks over all but relaying from each other, passing the fashionable baton so to speak :). Mind you if Person 12 wears shoes that Person 2 wore that shouldn’t really be an issue, but try and mix up as much as you can :).


1. All items must be able to be purchased as separates, this way there will be lots of range, but it also makes it less costly for the person after you to pick their relay item.

2. All looks must contain at least 2 accessories (not shoes ) such as bangles, earrings, rubber ducky, wings  etc, but the two must be less than 200L each ( again we don’t want people to have to spend lots of money) if you have special Jewelry you always wear that is far more than the price limit please wear others as well, the more you wear the more options your Relay partner has to choose from.

3. All looks must contain 3 different designers in it, we know people have many favourite designers they like to wear, but this gives people the chance to branch out and find stores they may have never been to .

4.  Each Person  must include a link to the blog that they picked up their fashion baton from at the start of their post, and at the end of their post must link to the blog they are passing to, that way each person reading, even if they are not aware of the relay will be able to go back and forward to follow the progression. The last person on the list will post at the end to the first person on the list, for the same reason.

5. You MUST be able to post as soon as possible, as we don’t want the relay grinding to a halt, if you find you are unable to post please contact me asap :), we want this to be fun not stressful for anyone.

6. Colours CAN vary, if you want to relay the persons hair for example but they are blonde and you only wear black , then you wear it black :). Same goes with shoes etc, as long as it is the same item its ok.

7. YOU MUST SLURL to the stores you are showing the items of, you will need to make sure that at the bottom of the post you list all items by name and the stores with slurls that they come from, that way the Person after you has a very clear list.

8. You cannot wear items that are not for purchase at the time of posting, that just means those items wont be able to be relayed and thats no fun :P.

Again I know this seems all involved and stuff but really it should be so simple as all you are doing is what many of you do daily, see one item in someones post that you can’t live without.

I can’t wait to start this and so many are already loving the idea , so stay tuned and don’t forget to comment here to be included :).

xox Sasy xox