Sheila- Cringes

Sheila - cringes


Don’t get me wrong, if your name is Sheila it is not meant as an insult…but if you are an Australian female like me, you will understand the cringe. Right now I have Alf Stewarts voice in my head, and that’s never a good thing.

Earlier tonight I was shopping with Newdoll, and we came across a store I had been to before, but when Newdoll told Winter about it, we discovered he hadn’t it all started like that I swear.

So he was tpd in and he was starting to put together his Australia Day look, which it officially became 3 hours or so ago. He wanted some thongs – flip flops for you other strange people – so remembering I had seen some recently I tpd him over, while Newdoll went to have dinner, oh my goodness what we got up to while she was gone.

We some thongs for Winter, and then he wanted an Akubra , so we tpd and found a store with lots of goodies, but it didn’t stop there, oh no.. we then tp’d to one of my favourite Mens stores called Jungle Wear because I insisted that he needed a shirt like one I now owned thanks to Fia – it’s taken me two years to get that shirt lol.

So we were running around and we found him a ripped sleeve flanno – that’s Aussie speak for flannel plaid shirt. I put on mine and my cut off jeans shorts also from Jungle Wear, and then OMGoodness Winter trumped me with his cutoffs, seriously you have not seen anything until you see a Vampires bum hanging out the back of some seriously ripped and frayed denim shorts.

When looking at the pic of the men in the shirts, we came to the conclusion that Winter was in much need of a Mullet, which leads us to Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy, another Aussie. She had a style called Autumn that she deemed worthy of being a Mullet and the games began, an hour later, we were all at the Pond – left there in a hurry let me tell you – Newdoll was back and we were tping in every Aussie we knew online.

Which ended up with Aems redoing her Mullet as we all got crazy and doing a black roots, bleached blonde version , and I am so serious when I say that if there was a blondes with black roots pack in most styles it would be popular I bet :P.

To celebrate, and we so did, Aems is offering the Autumn Limited Edition Australia Day hair for 1L so you to can Bogan it up.

Now if you want to know what an actual Bogan is , you need to take a wander over to Winters blog HERE , because he has nailed it, and I am so glad because he got nailed earlier himself by a Koala, the awesome Koala I am holding is made by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe – another Aussie – and was a present last Aussie Day.

The Semi uggs are from ETD, and the skin I am wearing by yet another Aussie is from Slink and called Anya in the base make up.

Now as much as I love this look inworld, I would never, I repeat NEVER ever have dressed this way in RL, I once went to the store last minute during winter and forgot I had my uggs I wore as slippers on my feet, and damn near had a fashion heart attack. I sent one flying across the carpark in my urgency to get them off my feet fast enough lol… the shorts yes, the shirt, again flannos are to keep warm in the dark behind closed doors in winter, mind you I have no issues with others wearing them lol.

If you want to see the crazyness that we got up to, and of course the totally awesome pic of Winter in speedoe’s then go visit the set at flickr HERE , thanks to EVERYONE that came to have fun last night, it was awesome.

Click HERE to get teleport to the stores shown.