Wheelies Concert

Tonight at 6pm SLT there is going to be a live concert at Wheelies and a SpillOver location, thanks to the wonderful Dove Swanson of Long Akward Pose who has put together this incredible Event to help us raise more money for Wheelies and provide a night of wonderful entertainment I CANT WAIT !

Dove’s Notecard

Benefit Concert for Wheelies!

“Where hurts are healed and new life begins.” — Wheelies 2008 Slogan

Join us in helping support and raise money for a good cause, and listen to great tunes by some of SL’s finest live performers! Two hours of live streaming music, with all proceeds going to the Wheelies grid-wide, fund-raising event!

WHEN: Monday 28th, 6-8pm SLT


Spill over location where there are also vendors set up of the wheelies items.
(alternate location incase of max capacity: ?? )


@ 6:00 pm – Vladamir Lamont – Indie/Power Pop/Rock
Group: Vlad’s Biggest Fans!

@ 6:30 pm – Jerico Jaxxon – Rock/Pop/Country
Group: Jerico Jaxxon Jammers

@ 7:00 pm – Phemie Alcott – Indie/Folk
Group: Phemie’s Phans

@ 7:30 pm – Digby Smalls – Rock/Alternative/Indie
Group: Notorious D.I.G.

Hope to see you there for great music, dancing, good people and fun times! But if you can’t make it, please consider donating or contributing in others ways:

*Visit the Wheelies club to donate directly to their collection kiosks.

*Visit the official fund-raising donation location to find special items created for this event that you can purchase where all or a percentage of your monies goes to Wheelies!

Thank you to Sasy Scarborough for bringing this fund-raiser together and allowing me to participate. Thank you to Simon and Polgara and all the people at Wheelies for being so helpful. Thank you to all the managers and artists who are donating their time to making this benefit concert possible.

-Dove Swanson

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