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    Hair Fair 2024 – Lamb Nuve The Annex

    Hair Fair 2024 - Lamb Annex Nuve

    No catchy title this time, but I am having a moment of absolute beauty right now. The combination of items came together without any planning, and when that happens, as I always say, it is ‘Bloggers Fate’. The Daisy hair from Lamb was an adorable thing to watch come about as the Exclusive. Lamb set up her booth fairly early at Hair Fair, then kept coming back and tweaking, and adding, and moving, and adding, and it all turned into a lovely showcase of her New and previous work in a little vignette. The booths at Hair Fair this year have been just fantastic, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have been.

    This Daisy style has these beautiful monarch butterflies – I only know that because of the show Under the Dome – as separate attachments, in both animated and static options. You can add as many or as few as you like, and they really add to the look. But if butterflies are not your thing, you can wear the style without them, and there is a lot of style in this hair, the waves are so soft and luxurious. The Style HUD options are only available in particular packs, so make sure you read everything and try the demos first to be sure of your purchase, as you should do with all Second Life purchases…demo! demo! demo!

    Now my brows are another great get for Hair Fair this year, in the form of Nuve…my inventory is getting full of Nuve of late, because I am all about her BOM underwear layers, I wear bom underwear with everything, even if using an alpha layer, because they stay no matter what the rezzing is like. So my favorite wearables is many packs of Nuve undies. I have also been binging her skins and brows options…so to have some of the Newest release brows for Hair Fair had me very happy. Many Nuve brows are unisex, which means they are often a heavier brow depending on the style, and I love that, even wearing her Male specific brows for the past few weeks, much to Gogo’s horror, which just makes me like them even more.

    Atop of my luxurious locks is this incredible crown by The Annex. This is a previous release item at Hair Fair and it is so many things, all happening separately and at the same time together, that makes sense to me, if you do not understand me, send me a notecard and I will explain with even more words…as I do. No really do not do that, I just mean that you can look at this crown and think you have seen all it is in one look, but then discover something else, then another thing, for instance when I purchased it, I was so wrapped up in the crosses and flowers, that I completely missed the butterflies, that is what I meant by this look not being planned, because I did not realise even when adding it, that the crown had butterflies at all. Truly beautiful…and while I was feeling all soft and majestic at the same time, I added a lovely bodysuit from AlaskaMetro also bakes on mesh, to keep it all pretty.

    You can see more pictures from participants as well as other fantastic Bloggers and Residents sharing their Hair Fair looks HERE on Flickr in our Hair Fair 2024 Group.


    Equipment Used

    VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

    LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

    Poses & Props by :

    Bougainvillea Climbing Shrub – SNOWFLAKE – FNY Designs

    oOo Studio

    Body Parts

    Body :

    Reborn – EBody


    Wo1X Head – Snow Rabbit

    Nail Polish:

    appliers – Flair – Marketplace

    Skin Worn:

    Emma – Nuve

    Sienna Tone – Velour

    Head and Body BOM Layers:

    Harlow Brows – Nuve @ Hair Fair 2024 (Streaks Region)

    Peaceful Eyes (Gift) – Insol

    Kristal Sequin BodySuit, Aura Body Glitter, Ozone Eyeshadow, Vibe Lipstick – AlaskaMetro

    Hair Worn:

    Daisy – Lamb @ Hair Fair 2024 ( Redhead Region)


    Unorthodox Crown – The Annex @ Hair Fair 2024 (Brunette Region)