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    Just Beachy

    Just Beachy

    I saw this hair at this round of Collabor88 and just had to have it. It gives off that dried in the sun from the surf look, that if I was to catch some in my mouth it would be salty, and I am here for that. When your hair is neither straight nor curly, but that in between, hitting this look is a blessed day, and I can even describe the day that it happened for me in RL, and how upset I was that it was just an ordinary day of the week and there was nowhere to go looking so awesome.

    Monso has released some amazing styles that I love over the years, and this one is just jumping in leaps and bounds to the head of the list. The dark roots just make it even more fun, and there is an actual style variation that puts the hair behind the shoulders and gets rid of most of the hanging in front of the face look, but no thank you very much, not today, maybe not ever for me, but I love that I do have the option.

    Speaking of options, I have mentioned before about how un-shy I am when it comes to approaching creators – with respect – about wanting more from something, and when I got this Chloe set from Smesh I was addicted to the bustier and sleeves, I believe I have mentioned that in the past, but while I loved the colours it came with I wanted more, so I contacted the creator and asked to consider making another colour palette pack…she threw me a curveball because she asked for colours I wanted, and honestly that was the thing, I did not care, I just wanted more. So to hear from her a few months later, randomly, with a v2 HUD of a few other pastel colours made me blissfully happy, because she not only added more, but remembered it was me that contacted her and got back to me, how is that for awesome customer service, I am not 100% sure where this pastel version has ended up, so if you do not see it, maybe contact her and ask. I layered the bustier over an older tank I had. I love being able to layer mesh and bom.


    Equipment Used

    VR Studio and HUD/Library  – VR Foundry Marketplace

    LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

    Poses & Props by :

    Behaviour Body

    Body Parts

    Body :

    Reborn – EBody


    DollNose, NaturalPiercedLips, RoundEyes, TriangleHead, Genus Morph – Genus

    Nail Polish:

    appliers – Flair – Marketplace

    Skin Worn:

    Emma Skin – Nuve

    Head and Body BOM Layers:

    Noah Brows – Nuve

    Ocean Sunset Eyeshadow – AlaskaMetro

    Cotton Panties – Nuve

    Gettin Lifted Tank – Sn@tch


    Low Rise Wide Leg Jeans – Coco Designs

    Chloe Bralette & Sleeves HUD V2 – SMESH

    Hair Worn:

    Olivia – Monso @ Collabor88


    Dallas Water Bottle – Flair – Marketplace

    Tie up Cord Necklace – Sigma

    Hoops forever earrings reboot – Dark Mouse