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Mused Breasts HUD




Got Milk ? I have apparently, but that is something I will leave for the end.

Elymode is a fantastic store for beautiful clothing and provocative fashion. Elysium has upped that to dizzying heights now with the new addition of Implant Applications to some of her previous releases. If you have never tried add on breasts, well this is your opportunity to do so with beautiful clothing as the end goal. There are many out there, and at one time or another I think I have tried them all, the latest I have encountered are the Mused ones, and these are the ones that Elymode has designed her add ons around. The appliers for Mused though do work with many of the other implants so you are most likely going to find that if you already have breasts you are covered – pun pun pun.

The appliers are so easy to use too, you just have to wear it and it removes itself and your breasts are instantly covered with the fabric that matches the item you are wearing. So simple and easy, you just need to be sure you have on the shirt layer option on the breasts activated at the time, but that is as easy as a button press.

Elymode Mused Implant Appliers are actually now INCLUDED with the clothing they are intended for, no additional cost, the other exciting thing is that if you have ever purchased the items they are made for you can UPDATE FREE ! by visiting the store and choosing the redelivery option for those items, or if you purchased from Marketplace, find your transaction on the MP website, and then send the info to Elysium Eilde in world. To know which items have the implants there is a great little graphic on the vendor ads.

Also so that you can tell if they will fit breasts you already have, you can grab demos at the store or on Marketplace by searching Elymode and using the newest first option, or click HERE. Then you can try them on in the privacy of your own home.

I love how the new options look, they definitely add something to the whole outfit, and it definitely goes to show that wearing them can be really tasteful depending on how and what you wear them with. You also have the options of resizing the breasts to sizes like I have on now, which would be around 70-80 on a regular slider, or even larger, the choice is yours. There may be some difference in the way the textures sit when making them larger, but as they are modify you can play around with that yourself- just be sure to make a copy of your breasts before you do any changes to them.

As much as I love flaunting my assets this way, it is the Meli top, the adorable one with the bow, that is just awesome with implants, so cute and sexy at the same time. The matching panties and bloomers are tonnes of fun to wear, and as I said these implants are just an included extra now, the items look fabulous with or without. Elysium has future releases planned with these and I am excited and very eager to see them, so is my partner lol.

The shoes I am wearing in these pics are from Mon Tissu, the latest mesh release called OpenWork Wedges. First impression of these shoes was OMG someone took nurse shoes and made them super hot. No seriously the front the way they lace up is just so prim and proper, but the cut outs and the wedge heel just add that little touch of summer sexy to the mix, I love them. The colours are great too, enough to cover all outfit combos for summer and beyond.

All the hairstyles I am wearing are perfect for this kind of look, I was actually so excited to see Aphrodite by LeLutka as it was flared out in that area, and a perfect fit. Also the Ploom Flint hair fit perfectly over the size I have mine at. Styles like the Call Me by Exile bringing the hair back works especially well, no moving needed at all, so for much larger sizes this would be a definite must have.

Now about the Mused Full Breasts, they are so pretty, they have an incredible amount of options for matching to so many skin types and tones…as well as clothing layers and little additions that definitely make them different from the other breasts on the market. The difference is that they are set up for a game of COW, ok seriously no kidding, as Elysium said ‘ _______________________________” lol I would never tell :P.  But there are all sorts of features and some kind of group game thing you can get into, or you just wear them because they really are stunning breasts. You can get demos at their mainstore, or just buy them on MP. There are also all sorts of great additional features for making sure your skins match perfectly. More info HERE.



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Poses by : Marukin  & Behaviour  Body Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Jen Skin – League 


Kiss Me – Exile 

Aphrodite – LeLutka 

Flint , Bria – Ploom


Meli Bloomers, Meli Panties,  Meli Top (with implant appliers) , Ava Top (with implant appliers), Ava Skirt , Outono top (with implant appliers), Facil Skirt, Nelle Sweater Dress (with implant appliers) –  Elymode


OpenWork Wedges – Mon Tissu


Mused Full Breasts – Mused 

Classic Nails – Izzies 


Hair Fair 2012 – Photo Contest, Bandana Day, Demo Group

Bandana Day 2012 poster

Hair Fair Photo Contest Signage

Hair Fair 2012 is almost a month away, but as every year the month leading up to the event is full of activity. Not just the hair creators involved busily creating incredible styles that will be released, or any of the other behind the scenes things. It is the two big events that happen every year.

In 2008 we came up with the Hair Fair Photo Contest, it was originally an “Homage to Hair Creators” we did actually ask for not only a picture, but also we wanted to hear about how the wearers felt about the style, the creator and other things they would think of in writing…this was difficult for some due to language restrictions, so we changed it so that everyone would feel comfortable entering. Each year the entries have been wonderful and this years collection so far is great.

The theme is Freedom, and we felt that it would mean people could represent through their hair and images what that means to them. I for one feel that hair in SL gives us the freedom to be who we want to be, be as wild and creative or as demure and classically elegant as we choose, and that it can all change in seconds and create a whole new look. If you were to wear a basic black outfit, skirt or pants, top or dress it wouldn’t really matter, but something   simple…then changed your hair, you would definitely see such different parts of you appear.

I hope you consider entering, you can enter up to 8 images, and they do not have to have fancy photoshop/gimp etc techniques or be all about new hair etc. The Prizes are incredible, we have so many generous contributors who have offered prizes, so the winners will get a selection from the prize pool, and then 7 runners up will get VIP Early Access to Hair Fair 2012. All the winners will be shown at Hair Fair on each sim, as we do every year, so you have until June 30th to get your entries in, and if you have any questions just contact Sasy Scarborough or Ashia Tomsen .

Prize Contributors :

Adorkable Poses
Alli&Ali Designs
Calico Ingmann Creations
Damselfly Salon
DCNY Fashion
Discord Designs
Idiosyncrasy Skins
L+N Signature
Loovus Dzevavor
Mina Hair
Nikita Fride
Ploom Hair,Skin and Poses
Tameless Hair And Avatars
Tekeli-li! Dark Artistry 
Urban Lutz Hair Creator
Vanity Hair 
VR Foundry – VR Studio Posestand/Hud
WWinx Home & Garden 


Now about Bandana Day 

In 2007 two weeks before Hair Fair was about to start I IM’d Six Kennedy and told her about Bandana Day, an event held in Australia that raises money for children with Cancer. That they sell bandanas for people to wear on that day, and also many people shave their heads to raise money to donate as well… the stories you see about that are always so wonderful. I know of a guy that worked in a bar in Sydney who had really long hair and beard, and they challenged him to do it, and he said that he would only do it if they raised a certain amount of money, because if he was going to do so, then the kids sure as hell were going to benefit from it…it was beautiful to see those strands of hair fall to the floor, they ended up raising much more than what he had originally declared as the amount.

I had remembered that Elika of then ETD had once had a hair she sold for rfl that actually had a bandana on it, and knew that the look was exactly what was needed, so suggested to Six that she should ask her and so on. Well Six said it was a great idea and that I should take care of it, and that is how Bandana Day and Hair Fair became one. That first year I was so excited by how many people sent in bandanas to sell, and I actually stood at the table I had them set out at the whole time I was online, because it was just so amazing to be part of all that excitement. Since then we have had Bandanas on all the sims for Hair Fair , and little things have been added, such as now the bandana is sculpted – thanks to Damien Fate for creating it – and also we now ask that the people that create them include a notecard sharing why they are doing so – if they want to, and if there is a reason that is more personal to them – each year it takes me longer to set up than it should because the notecards make me cry, but it is always such an incredible part of  Hair Fair as a whole.

People contact me leading up to it, and ask all sorts of questions, they arrange parties where they let their friends know to go and buy them and then come back for a big bash, they do their own fundraising at the events and then donate that money to Hair Fair for Wigs for Kids, and all of it is really amazing, and then when it is Bandana Day on the last day of Hair Fair – this year 29th July – where everyone takes off their hair to show they care, and wears them with pride, my heart swells looking at the feeds and seeing blog posts where bloggers are wearing their Bandanas they have purchased.

If you want a kit to create your own Bandana to be then sold to raise money for Wigs for Kids, the kit is available by IMing me – Sasy Scarborough – in world, even if you are unsure get one anyway and play with it, then if you are happy with the result all the info is in the kit. You can google and flickr search for past Bandanas and see all the great and fun looks people have achieved with their bandanas.

The reason we do everything we do for Hair Fair is to help Children through the Charity Wigs for Kids. You can see their mission, their history and all the great things they do on their website.

Every person knows what it is like to be a child, and the idea that through Hair Fair every year we can change even one child’s life in such a way as they do through Wigs for Kids, is enough incentive for all of us to do as much as we can. I hope everyone joins us this year, spreads the word and does all they can to help us raise funds for this Charity.

All of the participants are donating 15% of EVERY purchase at the event…so every purchase you make goes to helping a child.

The Hair Fair Demo Group will also be sending the hairstyles the day before the event opens to the public, so be sure to remember to join that, and spread the word so everyone can get to Hair Fair with their shopping lists ready.


Thank You

Ashia Tomsen

Gabby Panacek

Mel Vanbeeck

Sasy Scarborough

Whimsy Winx

Hair Fair 2012 Join Us banner

Blogger Carnival – SL9 Birthday Event

Blogger Carnival

Photoscape Tutorial 1

Photoscape Tutorial 2

Click HERE to watch the Tutorial


So a week or so ago I got an IM from the lovely Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion. In the IM she asked me if I could join her and some other incredible bloggers that would be contributing to her exhibition space at this years SL9 Birthday Celebration.

Whimsy and I try and go to the Birthdays every year, and every year I wish I had known early enough to get something together to do, of course I never know what I want to do, but it is just so resident community focused and I love it. But this year I get to be part of it thanks to Cajsa.

She asked if I could do a tutorial on an alternative to Photoshop, and I have been meaning to do one on Photoscape for a long time now, because I try and convince Gidge Uriza – also of It’s Only Fashion – to use it all the time, and now have finally taken the time to do it. I did first do a voice version, but with all the editing it ended up sounding like I was filming it with the flu and at different recording times and oh my goodness the volume was insane. So I scrapped that and went with a non voiced version instead – lucky you.

You will find other incredible alternatives to Photoshop on their website, and you just have to visit their exhibit they have set up, the celebration starts on Monday. So I hope you will all visit and see the incredible work that Cajsa has put into getting this together with other displays from fabulous people.

Thank you Cajsa for asking me to be part of the Blogger Carnival.


Belle of the Party

Belle of the Party


Chic 2 Event Location

I have mentioned previously that Chic Management is celebrating its 2nd Birthday at this time, with a wonderful event, that has booths that are so pretty and fun. If you look at it from a celebration prospective, you can convince yourself it is a three tiered cake of yummyness. The Chic2 celebration is on until late June so you still have plenty of time to attend.

Today LeLutka released three beautiful hairstyles based on Princesses we are familiar with, more so than the British Royals. Aurora, Ariel and Belle are the three new styles, and following up the Greek Goddess Theme, Princesses were the natural progression…cannot wait for the next one either. I am wearing Belle in this post, with the additional tail piece, which can be worn or not depending on your mood, but also looks fabulous with Athena last weeks Grecian Updo. So definitely more bang for your buck.

I am wearing one of the special skins created for the Chic 2 event by Glam Affair, the make up I chose is this wonderful bright pink, with a lovely complexion and seductive eye make up. The skins is fun to wear with casual looks, but also can be dressed up to the nines as well.

Another item from Chic 2 is this dress by Tomoto, while it definitely has a goth lolita kind of thing going on in the black version, the other colours just make for an adorably pretty girly dress. I like the idea of wearing it with chunky kick bottom boots, or stunning high heels, but these New rigged mesh ballerina slipper add ons for the SLink mesh rigged bare feet were just a perfect choice for fluttering about for the day or night.

They come in ten colours, and as mentioned they are an add on for the rigged bare feet you can also purchase at SLink. The new add on ideas are great fun, but also for those of us that tend to walk around a lot with no shoes on, we just have to remove or put on the add ons, and will always have on the fabulous bare feet.


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : oOo Studio 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Mia Natural Disco A 03 – Glam Affair @ Chic2 Event 


Belle – LeLutka 


Delice – Tomoto @ Chic2 Event


Margot Ballet ( ADD ON ) Slippers , Mesh Bare Feet Rigged – SLink 


Love Rocker set – Maxi’s

Classic Nails – Izzies