Camisk Elegance

Camisks are so beautiful, on rare occasions I will find myself wandering around some out of the way place, and stumble across a little store with divine camisks. Sometimes they are a lot more revealing than others – I smell toast sheesh, neighboars are mean when they tease me with foodstuffs – anyway, as I […]


At last years hair fair, well prior actually, I had the pleasure of running all over the grid setting up kiosks. It was great getting to meet so many creators prior to the event, same with the year before with the guess who event, I had at one stage every single hair designer on my […]

Run Forest Run

New Skins for you, a few weeks of love for me, I have been wearing Forest by Dutch Touch most of my days lately, and the Jade make up is wonderful, especially for a working day with its light lips, and fresh look. At the moment there are only 6 make ups as shown in […]