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    Free Hair, Free Hair , Free Hair FREE HAAAAIR (sung to the tune of Joelene lol )

    FREEEEEE HAIR , yes boo from booN dropped this treasure on me the early hours of this morning and I had to blog it so you can go grab ASAP.

    Not only is it a fantastic style for ladies but looks heavenly on men also, so grab your male and female friends and hightail it over to boon, it comes in all the colours so its a great way to find your favourites <3.
    Sasy xxoxo

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VRFetish and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

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    Shoes Glorious Shooooooes, and Pants and Shrugs and OMG HAIR !

    Ok so as I said earlier I took time out and came back to the grid flip flopping around like a stunned mullet – ok not really but it sure felt peculiar. First off I hit What’s NEW at got an eye full of the yummy goodies from ETD.

    By goodies I mean not only was there hair and clothing newness but SHOOOOOEEEEESSSSS, I had been skipping around all day in my ballet wedge heels by ETD, and then come on to find not only has Elika created some NEW Ballet heels but GAZOOKS these incredible Heel Strap Platforms, that are sculptalishus.
    When I saw them it was instant love, when I tried on the DEMO more love; and when I saw all the colours well that was something me, and my shoes will keep a secret from now until the end of time.

    The shoe shape is very dignified and has a real vintage look to the shape and structure, with the addition of the charming strap to the back of the heel…what is its purpose back there ? absolutely nothing! isn’t that awesome lol.

    I just adore the colours, they are rich and vibrant with a real depth that will go with all seasons. I was so excited once I got them home that I had to wear two at a time to see them as quick as possible – Ok I cannot tell a lie, I do that all the time, if I have more than one colour.

    I was talking to Elika and she was saying how the pants from Celestial Studios looked great with her New shoes, and well as I had already been over that way earlier to LaLa FooFoo I thought that was a perfect addition and off I went. I was a bit unsure where to go and Elika said there should be a pants wall or a wall of pants, lol something like that she said.

    Wall of Pants there was, Starley has been busy and not only do these pants come in both layers, but they come on both layers for tight and once for loose fit and then you have 3 prim options, bootleg, flared and skinny leg. So before I knew what was happening it was click click clickety click and I was off again.

    So there I was all ready on my stands- yes I have lots of stands in my house lol- and I was about to start changing into my Elika-LaLa Canimalial Studio ensemble when I realised OH LORD I need hair, so I poked Truth Hawks of TRUTH Designs, and well by the time I said I dont need you now Im tping to your store I ended up with a big present from the Handsome Aussie Man.

    I so can’t work out what to call this now so its just ‘Look from all those fab people’ lol hows that work for ya?.

    So here goes it, first off when I went to La La FooFoo-dont you just love that name- I was so excited at the goodies inside and click click click I did get more than you will see now, but you will get to see it eventualy I promise.

    The shrugs in an abundance of gorgy colours is what I am showing from there today, and Larue now has her own store on the Celestial Studios Sim so you dont have to travel far, and its such a cute little store too.

    The first Shrug is the Beige and I just love this colour- had me cursing that I didnt get the stone or tan pants at Starleys lol, but I do adore beige and red so it worked out. They come on the shirt and jacket layer, and with or without buttons on the side of the collar, which I think is a great option.
    I matched the Linen Heel Strap Platforms to the mix and then needed to play with the middle……as I said I love beige and red, so I shimmied into my new Red Cords with the skinny legs from Celestial Studios , and I was loving my look. But my middle middle was still um NAKEY, and the red of the Cords was deep.
    Inspiration hit in the form of G.L.A.M and the Bustier Pencil Dress– Ok so this week you have seen the aviator glasses that came free and now the top, I swear eventualy you will see the dress. I reached in and plucked out the crimson top and thankfully it was mod so made it a touch darker and VOILA! – Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my tummy.

    Now of course because I am only thinking of you, and how SL can be hell to tp some days, I opted for the Canimal Essence Mystery of Simplicity skin for all the pics – hee hee- so that you can mosey around all four stores. But after that you are going to have to pull up your new pants, dig your toes into your new shoes, and scrunch up the sleeves of your shrugs and take on the TP challenge, because there is Hair to be had at TRUTH!.

    This style in the first pic is called Gypsy and I adore it for not only the overall style, but also its realism……as any girl with dead straight hair that length will know, you cant get away with having a side pony, without lots of hair from the side you are pulling over from escaping, you can cheat and add lots of clips and spray, but its just not as pretty as letting those pieces fall where they may and making a statement.

    Next we have the Chocolate Shrug and its yummy enough to want to eat. What is even better with chocolate PINK! not as a food of course – mind you it does have a rocky road kind of thing going on – but Deep Brown and Soft Pink are a delightful combo.

    The pink I am referring to is of course TA DAAAAA! the top of the Scarlet Dress I blogged earlier today from Cachet, YAY I got to show you so soon how great it looks as a top.

    Then if you go lower you will see the divine Brown Cords again by Starley and again in the skinny fit, I really love all the sculpty leg options on these pants and they fit soo snug around the hips. The addition of the Brown Heel Strap Platforms was perfect, dont you agree lol and then to top it all off again some gorgy hair by Truth called Fifth Avenue, which is also sculpty flicky goodness.

    The look next to it would alternate well if you swapped them all around, this time the pants are the Ultra Dark Jeans by Celestial Studios, with the addition this time of one of Popfuzz Designs tank tops in blue, I really love her tanks as she does this cool thing with the shading between the breasts that really allows the fabric to look detached from the skin, for a more realistic look.

    The hair from Truth is Angel, a lovely side swept bangs medium length do, that has really nice volume to it , and I am so delighted by his red packs and brown packs.

    The next style in the fantabulous Hat is the Angel 2 style from TRUTH, and the hat has dropdown on touch options of plaid- love plaid- or plain in various colours, but seriously can you get better than Grey Plaid?.

    I lectured or did I suggest, I cant remember, that Truth neeeeds to sell this hat seperate, as its so cute I want to wear it with other hair tooooo. But he has plans for more sculpted hats in the future so keep your eyes peeled for those- I say we give him a fortnight and if he hasnt made more we get that hat seperately lol.

    The pants this time are the Grey Cords and you know I loves me the Grey, they are yummy and so well shaded in all the worn in areas, Starley did a fabulous job on all these new pants, and today is just a taste you neeeed to go look at all of them. Elika didnt let me down, there is a fabulous Steel colour in the Heel Strap Platforms from ETD , and I can see me wearing those with so many many things.

    Also the magnificent Shrug by LaLa FooFoo that also had a Grey to make me a very Happy Vegemite. The versatility of the shrugs is so wonderful too, even though today I am showing them in a more casual combo, they are perfect, especialy the buttonless ones for wearing with pretty frocks on cool nights.
    The lovely two tone tank I am wearing underneath; I also bought today from Style Your Destiny by Teagan Blackthorne. Its grey so it was a given I had to have it , and I really liked the shape with the darker grey accentuating the cleavage.

    Now lastly we have the Pink Cords and these I had to have coz really I mean HELLLLOOOO! but then they caused me all sorts of drama, because how many pinks are there in SL ?.
    Because I was going for contrast and you hadn’t yet seen the black Shrug I went that route, but then hit a dead end on what pink top to wear with.
    Believe it or not after about 45745896541223 tops I worked out there was only one choice PURPLE sobs* lol j/k , there is definitely a slight purple tint to the Celestial Studios pink , so thats the turn I took.

    The tank is again from Popfuzz Designs and comes on both layers in one of her capri and tank sets but I do believe from my constant harping in the past, Pop did end up making them seperate – ok probably more so because others requested it, but I like to feel I do something lol.

    The Black Heel Strap Platforms by ETD are a Must Have for sure, well all of them are really, but regardless of what you do in SL from Corporate to Casual, these shoes will compliment any look. The last hair style and also all are must haves- hell everything I showed today is, scratch that every thing I show every day is lol.

    This hair is the Missy Hair from TRUTH Designs and again a mix of sculpties and prims to make a soft feathery side pony that is just a step up from Casual, and whether adorned by a Hair Rose or not can slip easily into formal.

    So off you go to LaLa FooFoo , then Celestial Studios…skip across to ETD and then slip and slide to Canimal , once you have all you need take the challenge and teleport to Truth Designs DONT FORGET The latest 1L fat pack he has of hair in his store , and once you are ready to hightail to home DONT , because you still have to go to Popfuzz Designs via Style Your Destiny and GLAM lol

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VRFetish and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

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    As God is my witness

    Today unlike other sundays for SL I had real life errands to run, taking me out of world for a measly 3 hours.

    But it seems that in that 3 hours the whole world changed lol. ETD reopened, Grand Openings and Rez Day events happened and Cachet opened its doors……but where the hell were the fireworks.

    I actualy IM’d Minnu with that exact question lol-it really is annoying having me on your friends list.

    Cachet hasn’t been a secret, as many that attended the GLAM Magazine Event a few weeks ago all got a sneak peak, and we have seen models that were fortunate enough to wear items from the show share with us the items on their blogs YAY!.

    I ran over and even though I had to tackle the landing hub over riding the tp to the actual store- be persistant its worth it- I didnt go in because I knew I’d get in everyones way lol so cam was my only solution. A lovely large store which is yet to be filled up, thankfully that means more to come but also the ability to move around without getting stuck in corners.

    The clothing is displayed on racks and there is as promised alot of delish black items to tantalise and tease….but one item on its own rack just blew kisses to me and I succumbed to its charms.

    The dress is Scarlet and its designed by the lovely Thora Charron, who if you don’t know is Minnu Palens business partner and the very talented woman behind the Minnu Male skins……melts coz they are so hunky.

    The Scarlet dress is a heavenly chiffon style formal dress, in a delicate blush pink colour, the bodice is a delight to enhance and shape your cleavage area and falls beautifully to two layers of skirt on seperate attachments so that you can wear it either way. The top straps are actualy also prims and you can move them around to give a more off the shoulder look as I did.

    Also with the dress is the lovely creamy leggings that Thora has called “Stalkings” and they are seamed to perfection and tiny tiny fishnet, what I also adore about this dress and am bummed that it ended up cut is that the top is divine in its own right, so either your favourite gown skirt or just some dress pants and you have a whole other look.

    Great things are going to come out of Cachet with Thora and Minnu at the helm and I can’t wait to see more. The skin I am wearing is Minnu Model Skin Pale Gray , the hair is Sofia by ETD and a divine Up-Do I think nearly everyone on the grid has and if you dont then DEMO DEMO DEMO.

    The shoes are the wonderful Volar shoes by Damen Gorilla of Adam n Eve and he has made such cute little doves on the backs of these all sculptured shoes, and the colour choices are fabulous. The one thing about this dress is that the top half attaches to chest making it difficult to wear necklaces unless moving them around, I opted for a set that doesnt have a necklace because its got enough of a look in just the earrings and bracelet, its the Medallion set by Essentia in Silver as well as the silver Hair Rose.

    Make sure you go check out Cachet and grab all the goodies I am sure you will love.

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VRFetish and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

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    Laynie & S.Y.D Grand Opening

    The Grand Opening HERE information is pretty clear on the adorable invite created by Laynie Link and Teagan Blackthorne, two incredible women who have been friends for over ten years in RL now- bet you didn’t know that did you.

    In those ten years they have been through some incredible things, supporting each other etc , and while today is supposed to be a joyeous occasion its a bit marred by the fact that someone decided that their own beliefs were greater than decency and compassion for others.

    I had the pleasure of blogging Vanessa a long time ago on Appearance Mode– I went by and got my old pic lol – it is still one of my all time favourite Laynie-Wear dresses as its not only beautiful but so versatile. Some (censored) person has decided that because Laynie is extremely giving of her time and creativity to help others, that they would pay that back by stealing her creation and flooding the grid with it.

    What they have done is, well there are no words really because its beyond comprehension to me that anyone could be that foul. But the good news is that Laynie has put it in her store for free and the Kiosk remains there for people to make donations to Autism Speaks a charity that many are getting behind… so I urge you not only to attend this great occassion today, but to get the Vanessa dress and dig deep for the cause.

    xxox Sasy xoxo

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    I like many bloggers was fortunate to get a special delivery from Canimal Zephyr today, and it was so exciting to be able to not only receive items from her, but to also go to check out the NEW Canimal build-as I hadn’t had the chance yet.

    I didn’t leave empty handed, and actualy I ended up returning much later in the night to grab one last item that had been niggling at me all day. So todays post is a mix of the incredible Essence Skins and some great clothings from Canimal and some other incredible designers.

    The first outfit is the stunning Rebel Yell dress, and yes I have been singing Billy Idol for about 16 hours now-and its driving me a bit batty I must admit.

    I stood there gazing adoringly at these dresses – since I use cam to shop I really hope I wasnt gazing at anyone in particular at the same time, I usualy end up in a corner with my nose in the wall while I shop, even more fun when with others and you say ‘do you like that one?” and they think you are losing your mind.

    There are lots of funktastic colours to choose from in this dress, and I decided that if I was going to do wild animal print, then I was going to be adventurous – silently praying that the incredible Estella shoes I knew came in green were the right green.

    The dress comes with both the micro mini and the flex skirt option, Canimal though does do her micro a little different than the usual loincloth flap front and back, so that its a bit more of a flipped skirt. This dress once on screamed SNOG ME! and I was off to find SNOG ME Hair…and my dreams were answered with this totaly snoggable hair by booN called HNB27 – you weren’t expecting that were you lol- this hair is wicked and look how perfect it goes with Rebel Yell.

    Ok so what is a Snog I hear you ask, welllll in downunder land its a Pash…and in up there and over land its when you kiss so long your face is starting to chafe from his stubble, your hair is so tangled from either rolling around in the grass, or being pinned up against some cheaply upholstered booth in some sleazy dive that its causing static cling to everything.

    In otherwords a Snog/Pash is heaven on a stick, and like I said you couldn’t get much more perfect hair than that one to show it, also if you are going to go out on the town in Rebel Yell, its definitely a must, because if that dress doesnt get you a good snog; then you are going to the wrong places.

    Ok so the Estella shoes by Tesla are so YUMMY, I mean look how divine they are with their chunka chunka platforms and their delish bows at the back, I had to show you in the black and the lime green so you could see how brill both go with the dress.

    All that 80’s music running through my head lead me to the gloves, ok one song over and over but you get the point. In the 80’s it was a huge thing here to wear long formal gloves with itty bitty dresses, don’t know whether it was to fool our parents into believing we were covered more than we were or if it was that we were stylin, either way it was fun.

    The Leather Gloves are from Fleur and you get three lengths in each colour pack, short-medium and these long ones, thanks to my winnings at the opening I got to get most of the colours YAY thanks again C.J and Roslin.
    I am also wearing the Jade set by Essentia in that gorgeous jade green necklace and earrings, with the tiniest prims making up a beaded fall from the middle of the necklace and the earrings, that just seem to shimmer when worn against the skin.

    This next item from Canimal is this darling Patches Skirt , the new build has these market bazaar like stalls in the landing area, and a few are set to sell items and some aren’t lol which is enough to draw you into the store itself…but this beauty was set to sell and I just had to have it even before full rez.

    The other day when I shot the vintage tee’s from lavish style this is the exact thing I was wishing I had, in either a long version or even better PANTS! Canimal make me pants like this PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSEEEEEEEEE! This skirt is just gorgeous, the beautiful colour choices of the patches of fabric just go so well together in their earthyness. The style is just flippy fun and the length is adorable.

    Fishing around for something to wear with wasn’t hard at all. Straight to Maitreya folder for the soft and delightful Mirli sweater in brown, and then the yellow tank that goes with for underneath. If you don’t have the Mirli sweaters already in any colour you really need to invest in some, not only is the style Unique to SL- well it definitely was at the time they were released, not sure about now.

    The fantastic way Onyz twisted the fabric at the back to make it open but designed beautifully is not the only draw to it, but the incredible texture itself is so soft looking and the glove extensions make it just perfect for wrapping yourself up in and having others want to wrap themselves around you.

    The boots were a no brainer as well, they are the fabulous Pinson boots in Bistre from Enkythings which I actualy have as the L in my logo, so they may look familiar, these were also unique to SL at the time, as they are full prim and so close fitting they are superb…they come in a huge assortment of colours and have additional sizes included and sexy walk attachments as well….Enktan has also included the sounds in all his creations BUT its a HUD so you can wear it with all your shoes or not wear it at all.

    The Geometry necklace is by Stephania Marx and she doesnt sell in world right now, but this style was perfect so it gives you an idea of what you might want to accessorise with.

    Now again for the fabulous booN store, not only is that another gorgeous hairstyle that I coudnt resist called KRC02 , but I also have on those stunning Sunglasses BF1.6 that not only come in three different attachments, on nose to wear, tucked into hip for pants holding and cleavage as well lol so you look like you would in RL with your sunnies when you dont want to put them away.
    They also come with colourchange in a click and dropdown menu, and they are all a delish tortoiseshell texture. I of course opted for Dark Brown to go with the outfit and the stunning chocolate texture of the hair-ok now when you buy these you are going to see that you shouldn’t wear the sunnies with the hair coz the bangs poke through a little BUT I COULDNT RESIST SHOWING YOUUUUUUUUU!.

    I also have on the Round 2 bangle set from booN that was only some crazy 30L price and came with three different textures and attached to both wrists options, so you get six bangle sets all up, and they are mod so I was able to tint the plane ones a darker brown and still keep the rich look of the original texture.

    I mentioned up top that I went to Canimal and then had to return later on, this is true and this is why. The Lust Corset is sold seperately of its incredible full lingerie set, and I want both the pink and the red full sets eventualy lol but had to go back and get the Red and Pink corsets for only 50L each or it would have driven me crazy wanting them.

    We all embraced the pixeldolls corset style belts recently, and well thats not such a new concept to me or many, and its why I get upset when creators only make corsets on the underwear layers.

    I read a funny post the other day about the Last Call Sale items, and how they had bought so many and werent wearing them, but should be proud etc- and I know how that is when I am going somewhere really special I pull out old Dazzle – anyway, people are wanting to wear their Last Call but wanting to still look a little different doing so, and this is the perfect way to still keep the Last Call stylish lines, but add a little something something thats equaly divine.

    I have on the top and low waist pants from the Ingrid set, and then of course added the Lust corset by Canimal and Voila, a splash of vivid burgundy and you have a whole new outfit that is just gorgeous. The hair is again the KRC02 by booNbut in the Mat colour that also comes with the Chocolate in the pack, I was so excited that my two favs were in one pack.

    boo Nakamura of booN doesnt have alot of hair out yet, but enough to keep you wanting more, and there are also some fab fun Mens styles there too so make sure you take your partner/buddy with you when you go, there is also Mens and Womens clothing and Accessories so well worth the look around as the build is divinely layed out and large enough to spend a lot of time in.

    With this outfit as its a perfect neckline enhancer I am wearing the beautiful Casablanca Jewelry set by Essentia, as well as all the Hair Roses I wear in every post :o) Casablanca comes in Gold and Silver and is heavenly. The stunning shoes you cant really see but they are there and the most gorgeous rich burgundy as well so they are perfect to wear with this combo, they are the Serpenti shoes in Sangre by Adam n Eve’s Damen Gorilla .

    Now more about the incredible Essence Skins by Canimal… In all the clothing Pics I am wearing Essence (Mystery)..of Simplicity and its just gorgeous, the tones are all named after female traits which is just beautiful to think that we as women share those wonderful and inspiring qualities. Charisma , Grace , Charm, Lust and Mystery- giggles at Lust because we are sooo nawty, if men only knew lol.

    I wanted to also show the incredible make up options of the skins and I did that in the other pic, showing you in no order at all lol.
    One thing I came to realise while taking all these pics, is that there is a kind of youthful glow to the skin, a clean healthy living kind of look to it, that even though you may wear alot of make up, you are still making sure to drink lots of water and use a good cleaning product lol.

    That was also my realisation is that even though its youthful its a mature youth , because when you are realy young you cant ever put on make up that well.

    The other exciting things about these NEW Essence skins is that the eyebrows and lips are modify, not only can you change your brows colour to suit your ‘Natural’ hair colour- giggles- but you can also change intensity of lipstick and lipgloss also, and if that doesnt rock your world then the fact that Canimal has included 5 eyebrow options should, because defining the shape of your brows is touch work and I love all the alternatives they really change the way you look in the skins, and those are actualy included in the Demos too.

    As well as Skins Canimal has been making New Eyes, which are the Essence Soul Eyes and as the saying goes they are the windows to your soul.

    They are very realistic looking with the colour of the white area and the veiny effect, and most of us usualy opt for very white which can look a bit strange depending on the size of your eyes. These are an alternative and the colours and reflective shine to them are lovely.

    So make sure you go and get all the DEMOS you can of the NEW Essence Range from Canimal, and take a gander through her NEW build as the clothing is awesome.

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VRFetish and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

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    Lavish me with Style part 2

    Ok I know, not a really imaginative title but you knew it was coming. Yesterday I showed you some wonderful items by Katy Angel of Lavish Style, and today I want to share a few more with you.
    Some of you will remember my coming to terms with purple in old old posts lol, and some of you will not have any clue at all what I’m rambling about. Well imagine the hours it took to find suitable items to wear with this beautiful top called Darya. You see I could have taken the easy way out, and just teamed it up with black pants and been done with it, but one thing I think I know about purple lovers; is that they reeeeeeeeeeeeeally LOVE purple.

    I also really didn’t want to cheat, but show the beauty of this top, and what could be put together to make a smart and attractive look.

    First off again, beautiful shading and creases make this halter style-on the jacket layer for length-really work for one of those late afternoon moving into early evening outfits.

    It took what seemed like hours to find the perfect pants in my opinion, so much so that they saved me on the next shirt too-but in different colour-

    The Amarantine pants in Eggplant by CKS Designs , are just a lovely pair of dress slacks with prim cuffs made on both pants and underpants layers so you can wear with or without prims, depending on your mood.
    I love the oversized buttons on the back pocket and waistband, as its a really retro look, and the Amarantine was one huge release of incredible seperates that I think you could mix and match for months.
    The beautiful addition of the heart shaped detailing on the straps and the hemline of this top is done in an incredible rich gold, and purple lovers and people who like to co-ordinate know that gold and purple are a divine combo.

    The gold being a real antique sort of brushed gold, made me straight away think about the Damen Gorilla Romantica Slippers from Adam n Eve that are free with the incredible Gown I posted on a few days ago. So already they have been perfect for another outfit and did I mention FREEEEEEEEE!. The skin is the Tan/Essential Purple from Popfuzz Designs, and the lipstick is perfect with the shading of the top, and of course the skin also enhances the fabulous scoop of the top too- or does the top enhance the skin- either way they are a treat together.

    The hair I am wearing is another of the NEW releases by H.C.T and is called Lysa, which is a full flex mane of lovely, a superb layer cut and the colour chestnut is just rich and striking.

    This next top Misty caught my eye straight away, the jump into edit to see if it was on two seperate layers only took a moment and joy joy it is.

    I really like the long sleeve white shirt underneath and maybe even some other colours in the same style will happen in the future when Im mixing and matching.

    But the love for me is definitely for the top layer , its so prettyful and all about the girly girl. The gorgeous
    ruffle around the upper waistline and the unbuttoned top is just yummy.

    Worn with the Green Amarantine pants this time the combo is perfect for this time of year and yes I love green-kiss/shoot me I’m Irish, lol well half of me is anyway, the part with the mouth me thinks. The skin is the Minnu Model Tan/Skingloss Holiday, which has such a fresh clean look to it too-I almost went with orange lipstick but then Id be a flag.

    The shoes are the fab Talyn Heels by Enkythings and I adore that all the colours available have gold, silver or black heels options, I went for the gold-ok so Im kind of a flag. I love the structure of these shoes, they are a must have staple in whichever colour rocks your world, as they can go conservative to sexy very easily. To bring some of the gold and green back up top I went with the stunning Bamboo set by Essentia, which is an amazing bamboo design in gold necklace and earrings set, with jade detailing…you can see a better picture of it on OnRez HERE.

    Hair is by H.C.T and is another of the NEW styles by Babyboo Glitterbuck called Sunny, and this one has cute little side braids and the lovely bangs in one of my favourite blondes called Dirty.

    Poses are everyones as usual but also I again used some Poseur poses :o).

    I still have more to show you of Lavish Style so stay tuned over the next few days for those and make sure you check out her store for all these amazing pieces and the ones already shown.

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Poses and Stands (most often used)
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

  • Stylish

    So Mad I could Spit

    I came into world moments after posting and sent a message to Kyoko to let her know I posted on her hair, it seems in the 48 hours since I went shopping some jerk told her that her hair was a ‘cheap product’ and she is so upset that she has closed all her stores and I cant convince her to re-open them. Now my concern is that this girl will feel so bad and stop making hair, and that will be a great loss, yes her textures arent magnficent like some of the bigger stores, but her vision is wonderful and I love her styles as you saw.

    One person is all it took to destroy her stores, I am so bummed now, but wanted to make sure you didnt all TP over to an empty place and if you speak Japanese please contact Kyoko Forcella and try and convince her to reopen 🙁

  • Stylish

    Lavish me with Style

    I was lucky enough to venture over to Lavish Style today and check out the Newness, but what was also so intriguing were the older items. I ended up talking to the designer behind Lavish Style, Katy Angel who has been in world for a very long time; and it shows with the broad range of items in her store.

    She was very easy to talk to, but as usual I confused yet another designer with my ramblings and slang-note to self, not everyone knows addy is slang for address, bad Sasy. As I was saying, Lavish Style is a large store with a beautiful easy layout to peruse at your leasure, a lovely landing area with some REDUCED items in the courtyard and then very clear NEW RELEASES to greet you at the door.

    Also I am so excited too, because I FOUND NEW HAIR! ok new to me and I am not sure I have ever seen anyone with it, but I went and bought it all, so pay attention to that too.

    I am going to just jump right in because I have a huuuuge post, and Im not even done yet lol.

    This first set is called Annie, and it literaly jumped off the stand and wanted to be mine.

    I am not really sure if I believe in re-incarnation as such, but if it where true, then I have definitely been a bar wench and a saloon girl in my past lives-which now that I think about it would make sense as I have been in hospitality my whole life, yes 20 years retail and 36 hospitality, but dont you dare add those two numbers.

    Ok where was I, Annie is an incredibly beautiful set, with a lovely silky cream base and taupe, chocolate and black detailing. This set has more of a military slant to it with those buttons going down both sides of the front, but the whole thing comes together a treat. The wonderful off shoulder sleeves are prims, and I really like how Katy has managed to make them using lots and lots of rings, so that they take on the colour tones of the skirt so well, rather than just using texture on a round prim.

    The mini ruffle skirt is adorable, but I just love the bodice and the panties so much, the fact that it is lingerie and a dress is fab, and the bodice would look sensational with a longer skirt. Katy does fabulous shading and wrinkles, so that you really feel like you’re wearing something soft and sensual, and the fishnets look great when going the lingerie route.

    I went a bit whacko trying to find the right colour boots for this set, and I had these ones to start, sent Damen Gorilla mental , and then ended up back where I began-dodges the smack, The boots are the fabulous Arme boots from Adam n Eve in antique cream, the square tipped pointy toe style is fab, and the buckling down the side added to that military look.

    Skin is by Popfuzz Designs and is the Tan/Essential Nude make-up, which is a lovely soft make up and of course the cleavage works a treat with this dress. The Tahitian Pearls & Cameo necklace is from the Kerry set by Last Call and the reason I bought the set in the first place-the rest is fab too. The shoes I am wearing when in the lingerie are the fabulous Bonita heels by Enkythings, they had the right kind of shape for shooting stockings in and the strappy open front are delightful.

    Ok time to learn about the hair by the talented Kyoko Forcella , the Hair store is called White Well, and is in one of those little market places; that you know you need to find the main store so you dont miss out on more. Now all the hair is just numbers and all the hairstyles come in one colour only, BUT! I realised that Kyoko for the most part tints that one colour to make it different, and she has found a great shade that tints incredibly well, such as I have done with this one which is 012 and I tinted it to make it this colour, so for the prices which I kid you not range between 60-70L and two styles were 3L YES, THREE LINDENS!. I know you all just TP’d, didnt you.

    This next set is called Jinx and is a fab girls night out set. The strapless babydoll is gorgeous and as you can see works realy well as a tube top too, again the shading is wonderful and I really couldn’t get passed how detailed the back pockets on the pants look. I swear they look like prims, but they arent.

    This set has a bit of a rocker feel to it, so I teamed it up with the Skully Seatbelt belt by everyones favourite BadBoy Truth Hawks from TRUTH. I love these belts, as they have the old style seatbelt buckle on them and thats just a cute bit of vintage wear if you ask me.

    I wanted some jewelry that was black and white to go with the ensemble, Mezzanine Qi is one of those talented designers that goes AFK for months at a time lol. The Black Jade and Pearl Serenity set is sold seperate or all together and has many different options, I am wearing the Choker, Hoop Earrings and Triple Bangle, Mezzanine made all the textures himself and the detailing is superb.
    The hair is again by White Well and is the colour it comes from the pack, but is again tinted, isn’t it just a gorgeous style and colour. Also her older styles-I’m guessing older- have two sizes and her newer ones have three, this is the 005 style hee hee numbers are fun, but seriously I cant imagine many of you not just buying the lot. The skin is the Tan/Smokey Mauve Taupe make-up by Popfuzz Designs.

    The Lori shoes are the latest release by Tesla, and this is the black version that she felt she had to do so that her regulars wouldn’t be upset, the rest of the Lori collection are a vibrant mix of colours all named after cocktails. What I really like about the Lori heels are that even though they are vibrant and daring in texture the heels are solid and comfortable, so they are perfect for dancing into the early hours of the morning.

    Meet Anastacia, isn’t this set yummy, again its a daring little mini dress with fantastic underpants layers so that you have your whole look in one.

    The detailing to the top is superb, the crossover back and front straps and collar are wonderful,again leading you to want to add some grand gown skirt for a more fomal look, or even some sleek dress pants.
    What i really liked too other than the obvious sexyness of the garter and stockings, is that the stockings arent sheer but very very opaque. The underpants layer actualy comes with and without garter option which is great.

    The darling little skirt and stockings make me want to grab a feather duster and start wiggling my bum, but I’ll try and behave. I went with two shoes options again, first off the Metis Heel boots by Dark Eden , I love these bucktacular boots by Etain Peregrine are just wonderful and come in wedge heel also, and all the usual Dark Eden colours. The second pair of shoes are again the Bonita heels by Enkythings, and this time you get a better look at the fronts.

    The hair is White Wells 011 style and again I tinted it to make it red, and look how fab those swept back bangs are, Kyoko definitely has prim talent. The skin is the Minnu Model Skin Tan/SkinGloss Grass make-up , which is a favourite of mine with the slim red stripe down the middle of the lush lips.

    Ok for some reason this green went to my silly side, and this is the outcome of superheros doing the naughty with sexy villianesses lol. This is the Julie Babydoll dress and its rich colour and detailing is gorgeous.

    I love the shine on this top as a babydoll and as the top on its own, and the superb finish to the top without prim goes to show that Katy wants you to enjoy every part of the outfit. The Opaque leggings make an appearance again this time with the set in pants and socks layer for complere pantyhose coverage, but are so opaque that they make fabulous leggings with boots.

    Yes I went double shoes again lol , this time the Catalyst boots by Abyss that every super villian needs in her wardrobe, and then when she is her secret identity she opts for the Arme boots by Adam n Eve this time a close up of the detailing on the boots. The Ruby Port Arme’s look fab with the Julie top as it has that gorgeous burgundy band at the bottom, and as you know all super heroes/villians are always well educated, so the books are a cute little attachment from the study date set from Icing.

    I am wearing the stunning Greta Green Mask by House of Nyla, and the lovely feather and gold detailing are just magnificent for hiding your true identity-because thats all it takes lol. Having to make sure no one puts two and two together, I went with the Gladys Glasses from Artilleri in green, I love these vintage cats eye shapes frames, they are yummmmmmmmmmy.

    Two skins of course , are both by Popfuzz Designs and are the Tan/Future Green make-up, sooo delectable-but if my mumma was poison ivy dont be smooching me unless I’m Yours- the other skin is the Tan/Smokey Natural Pink make-up.

    I have on the NEW Prim Shimmer Nails by Fleur and these come in a wicked assortment of colours, I am wearing the Coal as it suited both looks so well… now to wear these well you will need to have the ability to mod your shape, as there are three sizes in the pack for size 20,30 and 40 hands- yes ladies your hands arent supposed to be as small as your feet. They also have gloves that mask the nails of your skin so that the prims look sleek against your fingers, this you will need to tint to match your skin.

    *** PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE CJ and Roslin can you make those the colours of the skin tones you make in each pack-dodges the bricks and iron bars- oh I am going to probably get in trouble for that, but it would so rock******

    The hair is Sila a NEW release by H.C.T and Babyboo has done it again a huge seven style release of fabulous hair that has texture change on click bands, and some are made for hoody fit so that you can wear them tucked under the hoodies that she lists as available on her sim also.

    Ok so I am typical lol , but how could I resist Sassy Nurse huh huh. I was having M.A.S.H moments in my head while taking these pics, if they ever made a new version of that show, this would be how hotlips hoola-cant spell her name- should dress.

    lots of different looks from one saucy set, the stethescope was an adorable extra as well as the nurses cap, I am smitten by the yummy booty shorts and bra top, so how one would end up looking after days of running around looking after casualties-ok Im making it up but its HOT so who cares.

    The fishnet detailing on this set is incredible, not the usual tiny square cut outs but larger ones that just add total depth to them, so much so that when I took them off I still had the indents in my skin from all that posing. The cute little ruffle skirt is flirty fun.

    I just had to wear these chunky yummy boots from Digital Dragon Designs with this set.

    The boots are the red Switchback boots and the detailing on these is amazing also, the fine chain work draped all over them , and the steel soles with their rich red leather.

    Topping it off with more NEW hair by HCT called the Wicket Hair and it is it really is lol , again it has a texture change band and clips on the side, holding back your cute little bangs…and nothing could be better than the fact that amongst the various textures you get to choose from are GINGHAM AND ANIMAL PRINT Purrrrs and Squeeels all at the same time. Skin is the Tan/Smokey Red make-up by Popfuzz Designs and definitely gives me hotlips.

    Lastly-but no I am so not finished showing you Lavish Style, the rest will follow soon- are the fab and funky Vintage Tee’s sold seperatley and worn here with the Frida Jeans from Last Call . They are the Eight Ball Tee, the Vinyl Tee , the Soul Sista Tee and the No Dorks Tee lol.

    Which of course brought out my dorkyness and I had to play dress up with some of them. The shading and wrinkles again on these are fabulous and so Unisex too, what guy do you know wouldnt wear an 8-ball tshirt.

    The hair is adorable and is by White Well , it is style 019 and just yummy and that is actualy the texture it comes in, a lovely rich brown. You can’t see coz I suck, but there is a low-pony tail down the back too.

    The shoes are by Maitreya and I have no idea if in the main store but believe it or not they are FREE, and are the Frisky wedge heels in black and at the Gossip Girl sim- unfortunatly I have no clue where lol as I don’t know how I found the store to begin with,I just walked around and down and to the left and up and went ooo Maitreya oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooFREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Remember the other day the limelights I wore, well they also have those for Free too in the Zebra print YUMMO , so make sure you grab both when you find them.

    Also free but they came free in a fat pack of a gorgeous Pencil dress I bought at GLAM, are the super cool Aviator Glasses I have on- don’t I look jiggy with it. The other item that is either free or a few measly lindens are the cute head phones from Kiki’s Closet, I am not really sure but I really do think they are Free, and have neck or head attachments and are FLUFFFFY.

    The skin is the Tan/Essential light pink make up by Popfuzz Designs ,and well if you have been since the release, just letting you know that Popfuzz has added another version to all skin packs, the down there area is now shaved so that there wont be any complications when wearing lingerie or low hugging jeans etc, so you get both versions in each skin choice. That was a huge undertaking too to redo another 615 skins, and Popfuzz is going to send out the additions to all that have already purchased, awww she is so sweet.

    I hope you have enjoyed the Lavish Style post today and I am going to follow up with more later I promise, so many beautiful pieces still to come….but dont hesitate to head over to there and of course the other stores shown today. Today in addition to my regular poses I also used ones by Poseur.

    Also on a completely different note, I had the pleasure and honor of posing for CodeBastard Redgrave for her Boudoir Rouge Collection, you can see it on Flickr HERE but also she has opened up her Code Red Gallery to allow Public Viewing of all the incredible images of Amazing Women of SL that I am so deeply moved to be in the same space with. Hope you can find time to go look in person .

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Poses and Stands (most often used)
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

  • Stylish

    Sasy’s Wish List

    Ok this is kind of nutty, but I remember last year that someone made a wish list on the feed, of things they would like to see happen. This is not to cause a riot, or drama. These are just things I think sometimes, or experience in world through work and things I do.

    Ok so I have absolutely no order to them at all, and I really don’t know exactly what I plan on putting down lol , so hang on tight…..here goes.

    * I wish that Linden Labs would make sign up more intense!
    -That they would better prepare people joining for Second Life, by showing them some tutorials or slideshows at the very begining…and so that they don’t skip them…actualy make them answer some basic questions from them before proceeding….or even make HELP ISLAND Beta Grid, yeah now thats an idea, let New Residents get all the crazy out of their system but set up kind of workhops in Beta so that older residents can go and spend time there helping out.

    *I wish that when people sent notecards they named them!
    lol ok this is more a work related wish, but its astounding how many NEW notes I get, and that they dont include the persons full name blows my mind also, ok so properties right? wrong, what if they have recycled an old notecard from someone else-and yes I have gone to properties and found well known content creators names in creator field- lucky for chat at start up saying who sent it in history or I’d not have any chance of helping those people.

    *I wish that NO Transfer items were sold in boxes!
    -and yes skins too-I am scared as much as everyone that SL will eat things, and when an item is unpacked that is no copy, the box is unlimited unpacks -amazing how many dont know that-things that are incredibly sentimental such as gifts and high price items also, can be then stored in a seperate folder of just boxes, so that in the event you cant find something at least you can hope that you will have the box to unpack again…or better yet you can drag all those boxes to another box and bury it on your land- in ten different locations lol.

    * I wish that dragging a folder to your body didnt take off everything else including attachments like huds!
    This wish comes under three categories, work, blogging and being female lol. I have to change often in front of customers to show them items, and with sl being like it is at times the folder is there but the contents dont load etc…would be great to be able to drag the folder onto me and wear all but still keep what I have attached also.

    * I wish we were better informed as to updates that really do effect our SLives such as the create NEW body parts one that seems to have bypassed many people.

    When I was doing Another Fundraiser and also some other stuff, I had to pass on a few times the fact that you CAN create skins and shapes now that have YOUR name as creator, not the linden default one-yes this was passed on to me also a bit before that, but it amazed me how many didnt know as I myself had no real need to know lol.
    Go into any folder and right click, click create new body part and then a drop down will give you all the parts we have, click one and Voila YOU are now the creator of that skin, eyes, shape etc.

    * I wish that LL would give us back transaction history in world like we used to have!

    There are too many people that don’t even know what or where it is, and how useful it is. I encounter at least three times a week a person that I need to direct to there, and its very complicated especialy if a language barrier…but again that would be a great tutorial at sign up.

    Which actualy brings me to a double wish lol again work related, but a big doozy of a wish.

    *I wish that when an item doesnt deliver that the customer STOPS and doesnt try and buy it again, to have the same outcome! and if an item doesnt deliver they go straight to transaction history and copy paste the info to a notecard for records for both parties involved.

    First off this is based on the fact that no one can afford to pay for something once and not get it, never mind twice, also as I am able to redeliver I can fix the first issue, but I cant refund money, so I have been lucky enough to have customers pick another item to same value and send that also, other wise they would have to wait and that is yucky :o(.
    Aside from me though, the transaction history page is also good for seeing exactly what happened and sometimes when you think you have paid for something you actualy havent, so you save yourself stress etc.
    Other reason is that not all vendors are in world every day, and some unfortunatly go walkabout for a long time, or worse have RL issues that keep them away and that can’t be helped….SL only keeps your transaction info on both ends for 30days, so if you get the info-all of it- and save it to a notecard, you have records to show the creator on their return.
    Oh also lol LL only shows up to 500 transactions for each day and once it hits 500 it starts chewing up the first ones- something like that anyway- so you haveing the info helps especialy the bigger stores find your info faster.

    Ok that was a huge wish lol

    * I wish -and this is greedy- that all clothing was made on all layers regardless of making sense or not lol .

    We all have individual style, some people love wearing t-shirts under corsets with jackets over the top lol, some love OIL yes OIL says it again OIL lol and some wear tats, and other things that may be a bit more personal-yes I find it very funny that there are skin makers who have those parts on undies layers, but underwear creators only make on the same layers.

    I sent my boss bonkers with her last lingerie set I think there isnt a layer or combo we didnt cover, such as putting garter with panties on both layers as well as seperate , so that if you like to dress in fine lingerie but may still be wearing pants, you dont have to go without stockings and garter just because the garters are on pants only or jacket only.
    Some people like wearing lingerie under full piece suits, just knowing they have it on makes them feel wonderful…so give them that.

    Grins big

    * I wish that when people asked to know where to buy OIL they weren’t ridiculed in open chat!

    There wouldn’t be one person in SL who doesnt have one item that they know their friends would be shocked over owning lol, or one item of freebie clothing from when you first joined that for some reason you cant part with, if people want to buy body Oil they have their reasons to want it, and its no ones place to sit in judgement of that, the group IMs they ask in are for help not peer pressure lol.
    Also too, a lot of older skins Oil actualy adds some essence to it, as alot of the older skins are very matte and not everyone can upgrade to newer skins, so its their way of having a fresher look.


    *I wish more MEN would comment on things they like in Womens SL fashion, and don’t like!

    Constructively of course, I was actualy planning a post on this, because again a post a long time ago on Linden Lifestyles asked what kind of down there people preferred, and it got a bazilion answers, thing is though that many MEN have different opinions on how their women look in SL especialy when intimate, and unless you’re a nudist , the only time your naked really in SL is with and for another person-ok and not all partners are men I know that but you know what I mean.
    So when topics come up or you see an outfit that grabs you as a Male admiring women COMMENT on it.

    * I wish people wouldn’t shop with BUSY mode on!

    A few reasons for this, first it makes me nervous as hell when I see it lol because I stress they will buy something and not get it- being in busy means items can’t deliver or go to trash, DONT SHOP IN BUSY MODE! lol . Another reason is that busy mode takes chat, and sometimes important things are said in open chat you may need to know, such as for the next ten minutes all items to the east will be 1L I mean come onnnnn you would die if you found out later you missed that lol.

    * I wish that if something is unusual in a price on an item that people would contact the creator/staff etc and not tp in one thousand people to take advantage of what might be an error!

    This scenario has happened many times in many forms and hurts the creators in ways you dont think about at the time, which in turn ruins any future above and beyond that creator may have planned.
    Example: Creator sets out New releases and one accidently gets priced to 5L not 250L, no one lets the creator know and it takes a day to realise that their balance is made up of 5L transactions, Creator gets disheartened about the honesty of customers and never gifts to group or sets out freebie items in the future.
    On the other side of that and dont take this as gospel, but IM’ing them and letting them know and the joy they experience of having someone so honest contact them, may see you rewarded with the item, again not gospel and dont expect it- the reward will be also that you have shown a person what it is to be a good person.

    * I wish that when shopping in a store people didnt ridicule the items in open chat to friends!

    For one thing its rude,and effects all around as well as the creator, who may just be in chat range bald on a posestand making something at the time.
    Another is that the friend might like the store, thats why they are there and why you havent teleported away yet, let people shop, let them find out for themselves if something is to their taste-this is actualy RL experience on this one from working in retail for 20 years.
    Too often I have seen people leave a store pining because there is something they wanted but their ‘friends’ talked it down so much they felt unable to purchase something they liked…NOT FAIR.

    * I wish that people wouldnt sexualy roleplay in open chat in stores and non sexual sims!

    Because the region is mature doesn’t mean sex is allowed. Roleplaying is your dealio keep it to IM, it is still exciting having an IM popping up and your partner being naughty in your IM box,
    dont think that its not unless its shouted across a room in green chat, oh by the way if your using parts to emote sex in a store, not only are you without class but also imagination :P. If you want to make your other halfs toes curl, keep it to IM and if your doing it right she wont be able to buy a damm thing…. darnit.

    * I wish that everyone and their dingo called pete didnt list hair in search as keywords!

    I used to sit there shaking my head in wonder at why so many asked in Fashion Emergency where to find hair, I have since made a copy paste response but while doing so I finaly realised why…GASPS! there are at least 30 if not more locations hitting huge traffic in search places that have completely wiped out the usual hair list of the past year, because they have used hair in their keywords …..SEXX SEXXXXX SEXXXXXXXXXXX hair SEXXXXXXX and so on, so now people that are new and finaly have some funds to go shopping cant actualy find stores to shop in as they dont have the experience yet to be familiar enough with names we all know.

    OK I so dont fully understand new search yet, as OnRez viewer only got it this week, and I so could be barking up the wrong tree here… but dont objects, as in vendors now list in search if you check the list in search box in edit? and if so, my suggestion is write HAIR in the name of vendor.
    I dont think anyone that I can think of actualy does that..example XYZ-wallawalla-Black HAIR pack…I know characters are limited but if you can fit hair in there and it does do that, then at least we have a fighting chance of finding locations that have more than a box of freebie hair out so they get you to their SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX club lol.

    OMG OMG OMG I have to add one

    **I wish creators would fix their picks to actualy have their store at the top, by numbering each pick!

    it is so frustrating when you need to find someones store and only know their name by using inspect or you see their profile and you want to visit their store and its got three other stores you dont know there and also family and friends and none of it makese sense, yes picks is for your personal stuff also :o) I love that I swear I do, but if you own a store PLLLLEEEEASE make your first pick your store , and if not then pay 50L for a classified standing at your front door to your store so we can find you that way if you rent and cant list in search

    Ok I think I have exhausted myself and probably you in my silly wish list, but they are those kind of wishes you think or rant to your friends about, and Im hoping now that I have them out there I can move on lol.

    I would love if people added their own wishes to the comments, but please if you dont agree with mine or have some that are just drama mean blah whatever, remember these are just my wishes nothing more, and I am too fragile to deal with hate. Oh and if others do comment and theirs arent your cup of gravox again leave it be, it only raises your blood pressure to get all hepped up.

    xoxo Sasy xoxo

  • Stylish


    I was spending some time with Tori Heart today the fabulastic Manager of BareRose . We were testing out the NEW sculptie Lip Gloss attachments that you can find in the Newness section of BareRose and are a whopping 25L for 4 lol .

    Now these were created for windlight and earlier today I didnt have windlight installed as it never works for me…but at 25L why would you wait for pics when you can check them out for yourself. I was admiring her outfit which is shown at the bottom of this post and then of course she changed into something else, which I ended up drooling over as well.
    So aside from the fact that Tori and June and Koko spoil me silly all the time, off I went to BareRose to do some shopping.
    It had gotten wayyyy past my bedtime by this stage, so I of course stayed up lol. So here is the big post of BareRose fabulousnessness- actually come to think of it, I think I have done bigger.

    This first set Messenger of Light I remember seeing on What’s New and just thinking YUM! but didnt really have a reason to wear it, but tonight I did lol; I got to wear it to take pics for you.

    This set is another one of those OMG out of the box items. You know the ones, where it was so good on the vendor pic you just had to have, and then you get it home put it on and nearly faint because its even better.

    As its BareRose, there are more options than you see here, as in three sets of those incredible wings, these are the simple set, there are also particles and planets , but they were a bit too busy for pic taking. You get the simple-has no clue why June calls anything this beautiful simple, but I think its June-speak for white- and Blue tops with skirts to match and the divine collar ruffles. Can we talk PLUNGE!.

    This set reminds me yet again of Xanadu, June does that at least once every 6 months creates something that is just so that movie I cant help but Squeel-I know its not really anything actualy worn but I can imagine that the Muses looked like this in that cloudy place. Ok so not only do you get the sexy dress and the wings, but also that lovely heart shaped necklace and wings pendant…but for a moment, Honestly can you actualy focus on it, because DAYUM look at the cleavage Popfuzz gave me.

    I was already in love with the make-up on the Dark Bronze Future Silver skin, but my goodness I might wear plunge all week now- and I swear on a stack of tim-tams I didn’t change my cupsize. I am telling you, if the face pics didn’t do it for you, you have no reason now not to go get those DEMOS at Popfuzz designs, and as its still only sunday in her country you are still able to take her up on the first skin at 200L . Back to the outfit though, even without wings its a stunning look, in the all white or the blue enhanced, this is a set that makes you wish SL had black lights lol.

    The shoes are the lovely AC Serenity shoes in silver/white, and unlike the Vintish these have a pointed toe and were Aphrodites first release, and so beautiful. I didn’t get a close up pic, but here is the OnRez page so you don’t even have to tp lol. The hair is the lovely Aimee that is also one of the first Hair styles by Maitreya, that I actualy wore all day today in the black-I love this style.

    This next set is called GL Gungirl, and is the outfit Tori changed into. Now she doesn’t know this lol but the whole reason other than the Delish tartan skirt that I ran to grab this set was for of all things the socks.

    Yes I know, I’m a goof. But seriously I havent ever seen the sheer ribbed socks like this in SL before and I loves them, had to have*makes gimme gimme fingers*. Of course again being Bare Rose there are many more colours in this fabulous tartan skirt, but I was so not prepared for the wicked chaps that also come with.

    The whole set and look is raunchy and also the naughty June added a not filled pair of chaps too, for the even nawtier. I just love all those bows on the legs and the cuffs at the wrists, all I need now is a saloon-Oooo I have one in my paradise blanket Yeeehaa.

    Now as you can see in the pics and you can click it to see the socks close up too lol, I went a bit skin nuts, I started out with the MMsPale Gray skin by Minnu Model Skins, as it was fresh and clean looking for my little tartan school girl look.

    Then realising that this was not exactly a school girl set as such, I did a 360 and put on the awesome Chai Vedette Skin by Launa Fauna, this was actualy the free skin we were all blessed to get in 15# issue of Second Style Magazine….and as I was on an LF Chai roll- hee hee sounds yummy doesnt it- I went for a group gift skin that Launa sent us when she first started making skins, and it’s called Brisque, both of them are in the honey tone and delightful.

    Not to let my hair be outdone by my skins lol I did the same there too, all from ETD though so alot less complicated. The pigtails/bunches style is called Emily, under the hat is a no bangs bun which are always great for hat wearing, and the last style is Bonita thats in the discount section and the style that got me hooked on tawny texture.

    The shoes were 1L from Celestial studios and were stumbled across one lucky day, and then when I went to take some friends to get them, they had vanished-they were definitely supposed to be one L also as they were set up in her doorway with their own vendor..so I am not actualy sure if Starley even sells them or not now, but they are my fav chunky mary-janes.

    Lately June of BareRose has been doing some incredible lingerie amongst her creations, and for those lingerie lovers its so worth buying the set to grab them from within.

    This is the Black Cupid and Lingerie set, and it does have a white purer version sold seperately. Now as you know June usualy does lots of colour choices, but with her lingerie set, well this one anyway lol.. she has gone a different route.

    Instead of having lots of different colours of the same items, she has made the same items with lots of different degrees of sheer. Best way to explain that is that this set you cant see my nipples-and luckily wont ever- but had I worn one of the other versions you did, slightly more each time I changed layers. I love this not only from a buyers perspective but definitely a bloggers.

    I adore the option of open and closed skirt front too as I think that can be incredibly seductive, and the lace and detailing on the individual lingerie pieces are wonderful. The prim and Sculpties are also beautiful, especialy the delicate wings. The shoes are the divine and sexy Natasha shiny Black shoes by Tesla, which come with thin ankle straps that you can choose to wear with or without….a better picture of them here from Tesla’s blog- it’s 4am I totaly wigged on shoes close ups tonight :o( sorry.

    The hair is Cameron from Random by Garbage Prototype and is a beautiful style, I love parted on the side and front swept bangs, and the side cascading waves are just yummy. The skin is from Minnu Model Skins and is the MMSPalenf Aero-ok does any one else giggle that her name is in her pale skin name?.

    I decided to go with a touch of evil with my lashes in this pic and its hard to realy make out but I am wearing Nuclear BoutiqueTotal Glam red tipped lashes, seriously I love Ari so much the girl is a gem, if you haven’t met her but love her creations ,IM her and ask her where is your complimentary bottle of wine* giggles coz I am so into starting that rumour again this year.

    ** ok seriously I just reached my level of OMG its 4.13am so I am going to take a nap, I’ll be back to finish soon, hmmm ponders for a sec deleting the last two pics and doing them later and posting this now *insert jeapordy music here* nope I’ll be back later *smooches for now***

    *Stretches* Ok Im awake again now, did you miss me?, seriously lack of sleep can lead to some very strange dreams.

    lol but now that I drag up this picture, my last dream being centred around an old high fallutin school makes more sense.

    This omg so cute set is called Steam Rocket Ride and is of course by BareRose. I mean look at all the incredible variations to the one set, you get the three colours and each colour has all the same options in jacket and pants and skirts.

    The incredible little suitcase comes with also, and when I was little I had one just like it to carry my dolls clothes in. The incredible detailing on the cuffs and the beautiful cameo neck collar are again superb pieces that you would be able to incorporate into other looks. The Jackets, Skirts and Pants are just superb and the right colours for this kind of clothing, that can be modernised with some other additions you make.

    In the skins I was going for a young fresh look and realised that Catherine in this outfit looked a touch way too young, I always say though she looks like Pandoras little sister and nothing is more evident than when you see them both in one pic. Both the Catherine Claddagh and Pandora Starry are from Adam n Eve, so go and grab those Demos. I also went for the Stacey braids style hair from Adam n Eve as its just adorable and cute, and I really like the thin braids coming down the front, as it shows with the fullness of the bangs that there isnt much volume to the length in the style.

    The shoes are both by 1800-Betties, the hardest store in SL to find as for some reason its never on search; and if you dont have items and look up creator you can never find it lol. I adore the detailing and realism of the vintage styled shoes, the Sandal Pumps in brown and the Slingback shoes in white are both really great, and the scuffed heels on the sandals is great for showing that these shoes are well loved.

    Lastly the dress that started it all , the Simple Latex dress is the one that Tori tp’d in wearing and its so simple but truly stylish for those latex lovers.it is crafted with some interesting attachments so that it stays figure hugging without being texture skirt based.

    The colours are amazing look at the metalic on the right, instant lust for that texture, you will definitely wow at any event in this dress and the top can of course be worn with so many other things. There are four colours in total and you also get the delicate chained cross necklace that is sculpted for a bit of jewelry .

    I also opted for dressing the black version up with some pearls from Sue Stonebenders store, which are the Chatelaine collections, single strand pearls, bracelet and drop earrings. If you don’t know Sue’s Jewelry you most certainly know her Pianos and work at the incredible Relic sims, built with her partner Baron Greyson.

    The shoes I am wearing are fab for wrap-around shoes, its so hard to get that right in SL and these are yummy. They are by Mary Jane shoes and called IM Promiscuous by Infiniti Mirihi , I love them and wear them so often lol.
    The hair is the Ember Exclusive Colour by Here Comes Trouble, another favourite in the side swept bangs style, with a lot of volume and height, wonderful for adding accessories to, like all the gorgeous Hair Roses by Essentia.
    The skin I chose for this dress is the Aurora in Bronze Make-Up 1 by Fleur, the incredible turquoise eye make up is stunning as is of course the rest of the skin. So remember DEMO DEMO DEMO and if you happen to be reading this and less than 30days in SL- how old you are is in your profile- then make sure you run straight over as just inside the door on the right is the New Resident Vendor , just click and it will give you a Vivant skin in all tones for free, left side of your Male.

    For this post I used poses from everyone nearly lol some Juicy, some Grapevine, I think even some Posuer and definitely Digital Dragon Designs– love the little miss look at my bum pose- I really hope you enjoy this post and head to all the places I mentioned, and have a wonderful day/night.

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

    Always thankful for:

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Poses and Stands (most often used)
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.