Bloggers Cross-Over Get Back Give More

Bloggers Cross-Over Get Back Give More

Over the years Blogging and how we do so, has come under a lot of scrutiny… and guidelines and rules have been put into place by stores. Hundreds of different things to make us as bloggers toe some imaginary line in the sand. There are so many of these now, that they actually have started to implode on themselves, because by continuing to stack them, and make more and more demands, the essence of what blogging was for many, has been diluted so much that content suffers.

I have many creators I follow on flickr, and other social media platforms, and in the olden days, bloggers were given support by creators, their posts were shown to their customers, they used to add bloggers to their websites, and publicly acknowledge that blogging was something that benefited them in their business. We would have feedback from creators about how things were going, have conversations about new releases, and were often beta testers for new products. It was an awesome collaboration effort behind the scenes, and customers knew it. Customers knew that the bloggers were that ‘middle man’, that person that showed them the path to items they didn’t know they needed yet. We knew what was what, and where to get it, we showed someone how to wear things in ways that even the creators themselves had not thought of. We were stylists and information guides for all things commercially related, and newsworthy in SL.

Sending machines, cut off that connection with creators. Less and less time was spent having a virtual cuppa and a chat. Time is valuable in SL, but there was a lot of good things that came out of those talks, and now creators know very little about the bloggers that they have on their lists and in their groups.

I have seen people talk about not knowing a bloggers reach, I have met new Residents that have no concept of blogs, or older residents that just event shop so much that they are in the know all on their own.

To see only a vendor image, can limit the imagination of a product…example show a pose set where a girl is ice-skating, and a blogger will show you the same pose of herself getting a can of peas from a cupboard. Todays post instead of searching all over for a guitar for Whimsy to hold, she found one that was a prop, unlinked it and I found an air guitar poseset for her to use as the pose…these are things we do, and someone looking for a guitar may just pass up on the prop because it would seem to be ‘just a prop’.

I have seen items vendor ads on a feed, and then seen a blogger post on the same items and not recognise them as the same thing at all….and I know I am not alone there. These are potentially loss of sales, because it may not seem like what the person was looking for, and it is our job to show them it is. This is not to say that the creator did their ad wrong, it is just not conceivable that the creator can show every single use of something.

So I had a Thunk, a Sasy Thunk, which many people know means strange things are underfoot. We already IM the creators/blog managers when we feature their items, and that is nice, sometimes we get an IM back, most of the time not,  people are busy. We have forms to fill in for some stores/events letting them know they have been blogged and so on – not sure when SL and blogging became so clerical.

For the most part it has been us as bloggers that spread the word, bloggers created feeds, bloggers started social media use for posting links to posts, bloggers (and photographers in SL) were the ones that used Flickr for their blog handling, and facebook, google plus and so on, all just expanding further and further, so that a featured item got seen by every person possible.

But what about those that don’t read blogs (YET) or only use flickr to follow the stores they want to see items of, or follow the link to the website of the creator that is posted in a group notice, that may also go to flickr….what if we help the customer see more of the picture?

Because that is what it is all about right, for the majority of us bloggers in SL, we are salespeople, we want to spread the word on a product that we ourselves support, that we encourage others to get too. So while there is that crazy review system in Marketplace, what if using the creators own Flickr stream or blog, we paste in comments our own links to our own post on the same item, done with the utmost of respect.

If I was looking at the item of a store, and I saw 15 blog links under it posted by bloggers, I could not help myself but have a look, and honestly seeing blogger number 11 wear that jacket with those shoes, or match up that table with that set of chairs I also own, I am running straight over with my cash.

This kind of cross-over creator/blogger notification option can only benefit the creator financially, and also benefit the blogger who may capture a new readers attention. This would not of course be possible to do on every single item featured in a post, as often there are dozens of bits and pieces, but for instance, todays post we are all wearing tutu’s from Fishy Strawberry, and I know Fae flickrs her ads, and its a fun way to see the skirts being used, we all wore them differently. So today when I am done with the post, I will go to find the flickr pic of the release, and I will add the link to the post, I will also thank Fae for making such cuteness 🙂

The benefit to this is for all involved, new readers, possible purchases of items that may have been glanced at otherwise, and also with all those rules and regulations now, some of which are apparently view counts,  well this helps that in a truly cohesive way.

Gorgeous Yongho from JuicyBomb (Gogo did a post on her outfit at her blog the other day, so go visit her for info, Whimsy Winx from Virtually Dressed were my band members today, and it was fun putting the shoot together, and seeing as we used our own MPop set by Winx&Flair I will be sure to comment over there on my own flickr too.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

MPop WinxBox – Winx&Flair

Retrowave Guitar (Unlinked and edited to wear), Retrowave Keyboard- NOMAD (Gacha)

Guitar Case Sign – What Next

Projected Light Wheels – Soy.

Vintage Microphone – Floorplan

Location –

Poses by –

Cns Poses 

Behaviour Body Poses

Nantra Poses


Ellis – LeLutka (no longer sold)

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Simone Mesh Head – LeLutka

Leda Skin Appliers – Glam Affair

Whimsy –

Ever Skin Applier – Glam Affair

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands, Deluxe Feet & Hourglass & Original Physique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Glam Affair

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 141 – Flair


Blair II – Tableau Vivant @ Salem

Whimsy – 

 King Kylie – Sintiklia


Dismay Princess Tutu – Fishy Strawberry @ Uber

Alba Fur Coat – Mimikri

Cheekies Bikini – Paper Arrow

Shoes :

Glamor Kitten Heels – Baiastice

Accessories :

Vinyl Bow – LaGyo


X Bracelet – Minimal

Ramona Bangle – Maxi Gossamer

53 replies on “Bloggers Cross-Over Get Back Give More”

Very well said and a fun picture of you all.

While not a giant Flickr lover, I have been doing what you suggested with the links and sometimes comments for several months now. I see quite a few links to posts — at least in the groups that I follow. Likely, as you say, it is good for everyone.

We’ve talked about this before — often publicly; how blogging has changed over the years. I have opted out of the rat race and the blogger groups with criteria and report forms. I am a happier gal.

I am also quite blessed to have some really great (and mostly old time) designers to feature. We still chat from time to time and while they mostly have groups now rather than hand delivery, I think that over the years we pretty much know each other in at least a casual manner.

I have faithfully been sending out “you’ve been featured” notecards for eight years or so. Almost no one does that any longer. When someone actually sends me a note with a link I always write back and thank them for letting me know. I am not so blasé that it doesn’t matter *wink*. It would be great if we could turn back the clock and regain some of the camaraderie of the olden days, but I doubt that will be happening. At least we can remember.

Thanks for the post. Glad to know you are all hanging in there!

Hi Chic, thank you so much for your comment, it is a great thing to know it is being done, and now if it becomes the norm, it can be another feather in our bloggers caps. I do miss those closer connections a lot, and we do indeed have the memories, and hopefully still enough info to impart on people that want to do what we have done for so long. Your blogs name always makes me smile ♥

Reblogged this on Sydd Sinister and commented:
Sasy Scarborough did this really great post that I think all bloggers and creators should read. I definitely am curious about your feedback, as a Creator, As a blogger how do you feel about this idea?

Sydd I as a blogger like the idea as I did actually have to reread this post twice to get my head wrapped around just what she was trying to encourage ~

Girls, I “feel” that this post is really interesting, but unfortunately my bad English does not help me to understand it properly. there is someone who wants to explain it in more simple terms and simpler? thank you

This sounds like a wonderful idea. I have a few concerns. The first being Flickr not being a fan of any of us posting “links”. Does anyone think this will be an issue? I had once had a conversation with Flickr where they had restricted my account because they felt that putting a link of any kind was a “business” and against their guidelines. When I tried to explain to them what an SL blogger actually was and we make NO money, it`s not a business for us, they pretty much ignored me and stuck to their original statement of “no links”. Now, being that it`s in the comment section, it may be different, I`m unsure, so I thought at least mention it. My next thought is the comments I see about “shameless plugging”. Personally, I think I`d be more comfortable doing this if I seen a collection of creators stating they were behind this idea.
I loved how you explained it, and personally would love to see a vendors pic with lots of blogger links below it to see how many different ways something could be worn or used in a post. Just last week, I did a post with a pool table, and believe it or not, I searched everywhere for a decent “shooting pool” animation. After much frustration, I decided to randomly go through my regular poses until I found a few that worked perfectly. Poses that had nothing to do with shooting pool, but you’d never know that looking at the post. As you stated, this is what bloggers do, and the creative ideas that I believe readers would love to see. – Just a few thoughts that came to mind when I read this. I always love hearing new ideas, we are a very creative group / bloggers :). Thanks for the great ideas, and I honestly hope this idea picks up steam.

I am not sure what exactly happened with you and flickr, but we all link to our blogs in our pictures every day, so do many creators. The only rule I know of is no listing of prices, and not to marketplace, as that is considered selling, a blog picture link in another blog picture with a link to the post the picture is featured on, is what flickr essentially is all about. We include links to flickr in every post, this is the same, and things like pile ups and so on, do linking to originals, it is the same format, links in comments to awards to other groups, same thing. I have never seen anything in their TOS against links, only links that do not come back to them, such as using them to store images for plurk or website backgrounds, that are not clickable, and using flickr for the html coding, that they do not like at all. I hope it works out for you in future and I am glad you took the time to comment.

I really like this idea, because that way designers will see the work of others bloggers who aren’t in their groups, that way everyone can spread their creation and have a bigger coverage because me even if I still send the notecard with “you’ve been featured” not always they receive it, because SL it’s eating them, but this way we may get a little closer to designers and they can see how other people show their items. This is really a great idea, hopefully it will work. 😀

Reblogged this on Colleens SLife In Pixels and commented:
Sasy Scarborough over at Sassypants offers an excellent idea in blogging communications for bloggers and the designers they feature. Pop over and add your thoughts as blogger or designer. I’d love to read more feed back on her idea!

Sasy this was a very well written and thought provoking blog that made a lot of sense, which I like that idea ~ as someone fairly new on blogging it would be another way to have others see your blog posts ~ my question might seem a little naive but are most creators on flickr…thank you again for such an interesting and helpful blog ~

Thank you so much Starr 🙂 many creators are on flickr, it is still new to many, as they upload pics to SL, pics to Marketplace and pics to their blogs, and have not fully understood the advantages that flickr gives them too. I would suggest starting off with the ones you know, and maybe occasionally drop a line to a creator asking if they have a flickr account you can add to as well. Some stores have little kiosks when you walk in that have buttons directly to their flickr, facebook etc, grab them in your travels. If I can be more help, feel free to IM me in world.

Me being a consumer, customer to many designers, and a photographer in second life, I do look at creators Flickr pictures. Most of the Bloggers that i used to follow are no longer blogging or in Second Life.

There are your blog,Strawberry Sighn, and Juicy’s. Also many bloggers are going to V-blogging on YOUTUBE.

Thank you for all you bloggers do out there. I love all your pictures.

I applied to blog for designers but I do not have enough followers, and most to be considered they require over one thousand followers.

I do have my own blog, but i pretty much speak out about my experiences, thoughts, and generalities of my adventures in SECOND LIFE.

Well I am glad you still follow us, and thank you for taking the time to comment, and I hope things change for you in future if you want them too…this could be a way to be seen by creators without having the however many views first.

I think it’s a great way to help each other out in the blogging community. I recently came back in SL and discovered this – not always for the best – change in SL blogging. Apparently everyone is a blogger now and you need 1k views and sponsors to be able to blog.

Whereas I was used to designers being more appreciative to any blogger just out there. I will never ask for review copies and never did even when my main blogging back in the days was for fabfree about freebies. I loved to blog ans show of the designers clothes in my unique way, just fot fun. These days it seems ppl get more into blogging just for the free stuff or most views, likes whatever.

I don’t think things will go back to how they were but your idea is a great way to honestly get the word out there and try get back personal contact which in my opinion is very important.

Love, Farah

Hi Farah, thank you so much for your comment, and welcome back to Second Life. Fab Free and FreeStyle were such a crucial part of SL back in the day, and yes it was very different in how bloggers were a very big part of a whole community, not on the sidelines and unknown to those that wanted to have their items shown by those same bloggers, its a different world now for sure, but one I hope you stay in and enjoy the best way you can.

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