Hair Fair 2016

It has been years now for me being part of Hair Fair. I started in 2007 by contacting its Founder Six Kennedy, with an idea for Bandana Day…she liked the idea and told me to organise it (my bestie Fiachra Lach helped me build the bandana based off of one that Elikapeka designed for a hair she had at ETD and she gave us permission to copy it prim by prim) and next thing I knew I was part of the Hair Fair committee. I spent every day there, watched all the shopping, heard all the yelling, and observed this incredible event. Nearly every single thing we do today is derived from the observations I made that year, and things we have learned along the way.

When you have an event as big as this one, you have to consider a lot of things, such as how many people you will be able to fit into the sims, to make shopping possible. How many sims you need to make it possible to keep the flow working. How many textures you use, how much mesh now that we have it, how unique each piece is and so on. With the need of so much repetition, it can be difficult,  and this years theme was possible more so because repetition is part of its dynamic.

Some worked out it was a Movie set, and it is definitely that, but which movie set? I have wanted to do this theme for easily 6 years now, but it was not possible before mesh, and it did not come together until this year and I am so glad it did. Edward Scissorhands for me is the perfectly adorable Hair Movie, not your usual thoughts on the film I am sure, but for some reason, I tend to always think of it that way. With the skills of Mel Vanbeeck and Whimsy Winx – the other members of the Hair Fair Committee of whom we could not do this event without – this years build and the event itself has all come together so perfectly, we are so happy to be able to do this for the community each year, and for Wigs for Kids.

We hope you all enjoy it, and get the chance to look around and enjoy the build too – Mel and I had a hoot setting up the topiaries into fun little stories, and Whimsy created the scenes that show you that behind the scenes in a movie lot, it takes a village to get things done so her before and after planter areas are fun.

Enjoy the insides of the booths too because the stores have definitely gone all out there this year too. This is their time, their event, the way they showcase their styles and brands and let you see inside the Hair creators community, and it is always such an amazing thing to be part of that , while at the same time giving to an amazing charity like Wigs for Kids.

If you want to see all the great styles at this event visit the website HERE.


Hair Fair 2016 a Hair Fair 2016 b

Hair Fair 2016 c Hair Fair 2016 d

Hair Fair 2016 e Hair Fair 2016 f

Hair Fair 2016 g Hair Fair 2016 h

Hair Fair 2016 I Hair Fair 2016 j


Enjoy Hair Fair 2016

Hair Fair 2016 Banner


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