Silly Search – A Second Life dilemma

Ok so over the years things happen, I get all bent out of shape, and think ” I will do a post on that in the future” and It gets pushed to the side for other things. I want that not to happen anymore, because if it helps one person fix something, that is my want.

So Bandana kits went out the other day, you can get info on that HERE. I got an IM from two great and awesome people, that found they could not find CharitySasy String (the account you need to send them to) in search. I myself using Firestorm Viewer, can see me in search, profile is checked accordingly, so this was strange.

One mentioned ‘web-search’ which I never use, I stick with People, Places etc, because for me it gives more specific answers. So I check web-search and sure enough, no CharitySasy String. How does one work and the other not. I had everything selected, so I search with web-search just using PEOPLE, no dice. I then speak to the other marvelous person , and they said that they only use People but in the SL viewer it is all on the same page, unlike the Firestorm how I have it set up.

I did more thinking on this and decided to log in SL Viewer and see if ‘show in search is somehow not checked there’ that would make me mental. I log in, cannot find the place it is located, as in firestorm has it on profile itself. I use my SL powers and find it eventually in Preferences. It is as I knew, checked. I think about SL and its many quirks, and toggle it off again and then back on, hit apply.


BINGO! CharitySasy String now appears in web-search firestorm and all searches appropriate in SL Viewer. So the moral to this story is, that selections can it seems go stale, and sometimes you have to go to the SL Viewer and just toggle your bits for a moment and set everything back up.

I hope if you have similar search issues, that this helps.

Sasy Scarborough

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