Vintage Fair 2016

Vintage Fair 2016 by Pale Girl Productions (the awesome team that bring you Skin Fair and other events through the year) opens in tennish hours from now at 12.01pm SLT on the 10th of July.

An amazing landing point has you feeling old Hollywood on impact and what an impact this fair is going to have on you and your inventory. So much to see, so many opportunities for a stunning retro revamp if you will.

Each store will have one exclusive item based on a decade pre the 1990’s, because of course everything before then was aces. You will have a grand old time strolling store to store, and be careful to look both ways when crossing the road, those old cars were made to last.

You have two weeks to enjoy this fabulous event, so make sure and make lots of marks on your calendar, because it might take many trips to get everything you want and of course those things you can convince yourself you need.

Unload wearables and attachments as much as possible, the less you wear, the easier it is to try on everything you want to buy, it is also helpful as it lowers your impact on the sim. If you wear a mesh body toggle it all off until you need it on to try and see if something fits. There is no one looking at you anyway, you could be wearing a moosehead for all anyone cares, but don’t do that, because those things are probably laggy too.

Vintage Fair 1 Vintage Fair 2


Vintage Fair - Sim Map for Inworld


Click to TP to Vintage Fair 2016

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