No Right Hand! Please…

No right hand Please


Important : I am using Firestorm viewer for this post,  so things may differ in the Second Life viewer or others.

Has this happened to you? (gif)

Over the years we have had many changes in what we have available for content creation. We started out with very limited resources, and many mistakes that creators adapted around and made work.

We now have the ability to combined 38 attachments of HUD and Body attachments (more info on limits HERE) . This seems like a lot, but can get very full very fast.

When you right click any attachment, for your body or your screen you get a menu option containing two choices, Attach to: which is for the body, and Attach to Hud: which is for your screen. Attach to has 32 options, and Attach to Hud has 8. Even though that adds up to 40 we still only have 38 total.

If using the Firestorm viewer go to the Appearance Button, then go to the wearing tab, and at the top it will tell you how many out of 38 you have on…at the moment I have on 20/38.

When you create a prim, or upload mesh into world, it by default sets to RIGHT HAND – in the olden days it was skull by default, so you used to see a lot of new residents with boxes on their heads replacing their hair.

So now the default is RIGHT HAND, and it does not have to be.

While putting this post together I purchased a ton of demos, and some full purchases of full perms items. That alone was very educational, as every single one of them attached to right hand. I am very knowledgeable on the ability to right click and ADD, but that is not something that is as intuitive for all, and for newer customers/residents you have the learning curve of how to do anything already having a high stress load.

It is instinctive to WEAR not ADD. It is also very normal to wear a bottom of something and wear the top of something and not expect them to replace each-other. I have experienced bikini tops taking off bikini bottoms, shirts take off pants and so on. Again ADD is the option many choose, but add is doing just that, you have to then remove what you do not want to wear, so it is a lot of extra steps. Wear replaces, so wearing one hairstyle would have the other detach as expected, but even sometimes that is not the case because one hair is attached to Skull and one hair is attached to right hand.

By default the Firestorm viewer allows double click WEAR of any item, this is how I get dressed, this is how I want to get dressed. Again it is not going to make sense to a newer customer/resident to ADD something, because they don’t want to wear a ball-gown and jeans, they want to wear the ballgown. You can change the double click option in debug settings in the advanced menu of your viewer. Again this may be a Firestorm thing only. Go to debug and type doubleFS, and if you want to wear you keep the options false, if you want to add you make them true.

There is a full extensive list of available locations on the menu options for Attach to, it is choosing one that makes the most sense that is a simple task by creators or customers after purchase (an item does not have to be modify to do this).

If its a dress, shirt or something that belongs in the upper region of the body, then use those options, lower for lower and everything else as it would make sense to do.

One of the misunderstandings by those that use mesh or purchase mesh, is that they do not realise that if an item is rigged, it can go ANYWHERE! The rigging hard-codes it to the skeleton, so even if you attached your hair to your left foot it would still appear on your head. It does not matter where you attach rigged items to, they will always show where they are meant to. In the case of someone having added a regular prim to something for it to rotate better, that prim may be visible if moved, so that is something you will have to consider on both ends, creator and customer.

For Creators, once you have your item in-world/unpacked, and you know it is the product you want to proceed with, right click it in your inventory, choose Attach to, pick a location and select it…detach the item and then click wear and see if it is now being shown as worn on that location. Once it is then you can proceed to colour, texture whatever else you need to do.

For Customers, if every-time you choose wear for something it takes off something you want to keep on, or you just want to spread out some of the load, or you just like having your uppers and lowers upper or lower, then right click Attach to, choose a new location and attach. From then on the item will attach to the new spot. Again if the item is rigged it will not matter where you attach it to, it will always show as it is meant to.

If an item is not rigged, you will have to edit it into location. So take a copy of the item first and then change the attachment location with the copy. Wear the original version that is already lined up, then wear the copy that is on a different attachment, and mimic its location with editing it into place.

The reason for this post, is not only to not find myself suddenly naked in a public place, because I did not realise my dress was right hand attached and I wore a ring, that was also right hand attached. But because again with SL often creating new and improved bugs, having a huge amount of your attachments all located on the same attachment point makes for a disaster waiting to happen.

With HUD attachments, it is not RIGHT HAND they do usually just go to the screen space allocated for them, but that could also be the space allocated for something you use more often. The 8 HUD limits is actually the harder of the two, but if you do need to move something it is the same principle, right click and Attach to HUD and select a place. If you do not see the hud, right click and select another HUD on your screen and scroll your mouse, this brings the HUD screen inwards and you may then find the HUD went off screen and can move it back. You can also move HUDs the same way off screen if you need it on permanently but do not need to access it. In some cases changing the attachment of a hud can rotate it on your screen and the back texture may be transparent, you can use rotate to bring the front of the HUD back as needed.

I know not everyone is going to suddenly change everything to a different location, but I do hope this helps some that were not aware they could make these changes.

The outfit in the gif is just a full perms item that I changed a lot with texture so that it does not look like anyone’s items, this post is not to point right handed fingers at anyone, but to give a little insight into the world of getting dressed in a hurry, and how to fix what may drive you a little nuts.


I would love to hear from you regarding this post :)

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