Hanging Kitty

Hanging Kitty

One of the greatest things about Blogging was always discovering a “New to You” store. A store that for five minutes was all your own, regardless of their own customer popularity, it was something that you came across in some way that was not a slew of information from groups, blogs and the what not. It used to even be a blog against blog kind of challenge thing, finding the stores no one had found/blogged yet, and being the first to blog them. I t was not only fun to do, but it meant we travelled the grid so much more, and also meant that readers got a more diverse coverage of creators across feeds/blogs etc. When bloggers found the Asian populated sims it was like the Gold Rush in the 1840’s – 1850’s. There were so many sims all joined for the most part together, and it was finding as many stores as you could, shopping as fast as you could, and getting posts up as quickly as you could. It was HILARIOUS !, kind of like those sales you see for bridal gowns that have women clubbing each-other over the heads with handbags.

While I cannot claim to have discovered this one – as it was a What’s New SL application, so I was lead there – It did for my five minutes feel like my secret. I do not usually wear tattoos, I had my moment like most new people of being excited by the idea of them, but I am more of an admirer from the sidelines. I do notice them though, and I often admire the work on not only the tattoo themselves, but also their vendor ads – honestly nearly every tattoo store I come across takes brilliant ads. So this store was very new to me, and also had a very distinct style, and a really well laid out store for finding your needs.

This tattoo in particular really caught my eye, and I thought it was adorable. I am not a ‘Cat Person’ I am a ‘Dog Person’ firstly, but cats are still lovely, and I know so many crazy cat women in SL *coughs SACHI coughs* I also love that with my Slink body, I have the option to turn on only my left or right arm, so do not have to double up on tattoos, like we have to with the SL default body. The very cool look of it, just made my whole look come together. It is by Carol.G. and there are some really beautiful tattoos to choose from, so give them a look see. They also have Marketplace for gifting.

Whimsy and I visited Epiphany event the other day, got in very quickly too. I picked up these hairstyles by Besom, that are dreads styles that are wonderful, this one in particular has been on my head all week. I really like the style, and with the tattoo, and then the other bits and pieces, I was channelling my inner Rock-a-Billy girl.

The dress is a stunner by Tres Blah that is at this round of Collabor88, it has various standard sizing as well as Slink and Maitreya options. The fit is great, and I especially like the triangle cut out at the back, that makes creating on bodies perfect, for the additional little cut outs you can add to work.

The shoes are by Ingenue, and are very sexy high feet shoes. With the New Deluxe feet options though, changing shoes now is a breeze, no matter which of the five heights I need…I am also partial to wearing the kitten height for bare-feet now too.

The very dramatic make up I am wearing is all by Izzie’s. The lipsticks & Eye-shadows are appliers for the LeLutka head, The lipsticks have an assortment of rich colours, and the eye-shadow are glittery goodness. The lashes I have on, that you cannot see very well are AMAZING! they are petal lashes in mesh that come with the petal eye-shadows that are at The Liaison Collaborative. I turned off my LeLutka head lashes and these fit my eyes PERFECTLY. If you do not have the lashes, so worth getting them even if the eye-shadows are not ones you can use if you have a head …..*whispers to Izzie ‘sell lashes separately*

I think I have talked enough for the days post, don’t you :P

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

Funk – Change WinxBox – Winx & Flair 

Location –

Poses by –

The Kellie SeriesAn Lar Poses – @ Collabor88


Ellis – LeLutka (no longer sold)

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Simone Mesh Head – LeLutka

Lilou Appliers – Lara Hurley

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Original Physique Body, Deluxe Feet – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers :Lara Hurley

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 87 – Flair

Cats & Lace Arms Tattoo (appliers) – Carol G Tattoo Wear

Petal Mesh Lashes – Izzie’s @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Noble Lipstick, Glitter Eyeshadows (LeLutka Appliers) – Izzie’s 


Fake Friends Hair – Besom @ Epiphany


Bustier Dress – Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Shoes :

Abella Shoes – Ingenue @ Collabor88

Accessories :


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