For Ximena and the World

Over the years I have easily spoken to hundreds of Fashion Bloggers, sometimes only for a few moments answering a question, and sometimes they don’t get away so easily. “One” of the things that stands out for me, from blogger to blogger, is whether they talk on their posts or not. It is interesting to me, why someone would choose to not communicate their thoughts on an item, or items, places, experiences etc…but rather just show a picture and credit the stores.

A few times I have just asked, more so because little hints as to why come through in the IM, and I am really asking for validation to my guess. The guess is 99% of the time that English is not their first language, and that they struggle sometimes with communicating even in IM. Often they apologise, and that really saddens me, because I am as much a guest in their country, as they are in mine – virtually speaking.

Lately though I have gone a step further than just asking – ok not exactly lately, I always have an opinion about something – but have urged and hopefully encouraged fellow Fashion Bloggers to blog in their native language, to share their experiences in Second Life, the things they learn, the tips and tricks they can advise on, that may just help others from their own country understand Second Life a little better.

“English speaking only” is not a rule, and if it was I would make up a language just to break it, because that would be disgraceful. The reason I started blogging was to share, to communicate what I was learning with others, because one random thing you say on a blog, could just completely change someones experiences here for the positive, and those that can share those bits of information in their native tongue, can spread that information so much further, helping not only the community of Second Life, but also the future residents.

I can only imagine how many people from all over the world have seen images of Second Life, and then only seen information on it in English, that may think it would be difficult for them to be here. Maybe at first it could be, until they find their way, I am not saying everything will be simple, but it can be made easier with a little help from those that have the tools to share via their blogs/websites and so on.

It can also help expand peoples Second Life experiences, and give people more information about events, and fundraising efforts that are part of the year all over the grid, if that information is not shared in as many languages as possible, then people are missing out on incredible experiences, as well as the chance to even participate in them.

English readers can translate blog posts done in other languages, as easily as right clicking their browser page and choosing that option, sometimes the translation is not great, but in a lot of cases easy enough to follow the gist of what is being communicated. I myself, want to see more bloggers speak in their native tongue, I want to see the ones that don’t say anything out of fear to do so, say as much as they want to. I want to show the world that Second Life is a second life for EVERYONE.

If you search languages in the Second Life Wiki there is a lot of random information, but also a page that unfortunately hasn’t been updated since 2009 that allows people to add their names under the languages that they speak.

I had a conversation with a Fashion Blogger two days ago, and it went exactly as I said up top…yesterday I logged in to an offline from her with a link. I was so happy, I have even read her blog post out to Mel, and grinned huge the whole time, because she shared, she wrote beautifully in her native language, and yes google made it a bit mixed up, but I understood what she was saying, I could read her passion in her words, and I am so happy and excited that she will continue to do this now. Ximena McAndrews posts often, and not all posts will always have words other than credits, but in only two days she has done posts where she does talk, and she LAUGHS and that was for me the most awesome part of all of it, she is sharing her joy…please share yours ♥