My Attic @ The Deck – Summer Abroad 1955-1960

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Last night The Deck started an event called My Attic. The event was something we had been tossing around back and forth for the past year, due to the theme having to be special to us to follow through with. The concept is My Attic, a place where one can store memories, from the past, some that may become memories of the future, as well as an exploration into peoples lives and imagination. The My Attic concept also lead the way to coming up with sub-themes, a theme within a theme if you will. The first theme within is “Summer Abroad 1955-1960” and the designers that have been a part of this first event came up with some incredible items for it. I am so lucky to have such incredible designers as a part of The Deck sim, and we also were blessed to have two Special Guests as part of the event as well, Exile and Chelle.

The list of designers is as follows and all items for the duration are 95L . There are so many amazing things, that I do hope you can stop by and check it out.

Wonderful items all priced at 95L for ten days, from 21st of March until 31st the stores that are part of ‘My Attic – Summer Abroad 1955-1960″ are :

Adorkable Poses
Chelle Makeup (Special Guest)
Cracked Mirror
DCNY Clothing and Accessories
EMO-tions Hair
Exile Hair (Special Guest)
Frou Frou Hair
Idiosyncrasy Skins
Maitreya Clothing and Accessories
Miel Accessories
Mina Hair
Ploom Hair and Poses
The Strand Hair and Accessories
W.Winx Home & Garden

Whimsy did an amazing build for the event, it is such a nice welcoming space, and we even set up a seating area out the back, so bring some friends by.

The first look I have on is a mix of looks using the same dress as a base item. The dress is the Audrey Dress in Mesh by Maitreya for the event. This dress was inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s and is just divine. As soon as I saw the dress I wanted to wear it many different ways. The first is the true way, with the beautiful leather Mesh gloves and Clutch bag from Celoe ,. the Panama hat/hair I am wearing is also from My Attic, it is by The Strand and is a combination of sculpts prims and Mesh. The hat has a texture change script and has a variety of colours and textures to wear.

The second look is with the savoir top from Maitreya, this look has a pure school teacher, girl next door vibe to it.  The She loves you hair is Mesh by Exile, they did an amazing modern take on the backcombed looks of that era, so pretty and the headband is texture change. This third look is a very mature high class look derived from that style, the fur cape is from COCO, this thing is wonderful and very stylish over this dress. The oversized Jackie O glasses are also Maitreya’s item for My Attic, and so is this sleek short bob style from Mina Hair, I really like the Deborah hair, it is very sophisticated, but definitely lends itself to the more extroverted styles of the era.

The second pic is showing off the adorable Vintage Summer Beachwear ensemble from DCNY for My Attic. I love the pieces of this set, not only is the dress flirty and so sexy, the print is just beautiful. The outfit also comes with a hat, but I didn’t wear that, also the bag, bracelet and necklace. The oversized pearls are wonderful. Totally adorable as well is the Clara hair from Ploom for My Attic, as an additional attachment are the cute little bows, they are texture change also and many of the colours work with the DCNY colours. I am using the poses from Ploom that they did for the event, some work with the beachball that comes with, the others work with the parasol. The other hair I am wearing is the Italian Boy style from Frou Frou, also at My Attic. This hair is unisex and so curly and fabulous, and in that time period boy cuts were really very popular too.

Attention to the eyes, in the pic on the left I am wearing the mix and match shadows from Chelle, these are genius shadows tattoo layers, because she did both inner and outer options of shadow, so that you can actually make your own combinations. I though went with the all gold in both for this pic. The other me has on the wonderful Meow Peeper glasses from Miel at My Attic, these are so cute and come in a great range of colour options using the HUD, and they change by frame only or arms and lenses, and you can change the sizes really well too.

I took off the skirt from the set and I added the Jennifer skirt from Elymode, this beautiful Mesh skirt is available at the Flux event for this month, so you will have to grab that, as it comes in a print version also, so great value and wonderful style. The last pic has on a about to be released Spring version of the Jennifer skirt from Elymode, this is a beautiful bright gradient. The pink was a perfect match to the sexy vintage pin up style look of the Total Betty Corset dress that is also at My Attic in four colours. The top of it looks beautiful with the skirt, but as it was made is so sexy and provocative. I am wearing the EMO-tions hair called Robin, different than the usual styles from EMO-tions she did an incredible job on capturing the styles of the time, and this hair looks beautiful casually or more formal looking. The accessories are from The Strand, their very cool plastic looking bangles and earrings in Mesh. Plastic and Bakelite Jewelry was huge then, and if you are fortunate to have any now, keep it safe, because it is definitely collectable.

The skins I am wearing throughout the post are by Idiosyncrasy for My Attic, they are Audrey Vintage and Debutante, and as you know I am always a fan of these skins, these ones are super sexy, and the make ups are ideal for the theme. So if you like vintage looks DEMO DEMO DEMO.

The other poses used in this post are from aDORKable for My Attic. They did two sets for the event, one with a great Mesh suitcase prop. So make sure you come and try the aDORKable Poses and the Ploom Poses available at My Attic.

If you take pics wearing any items from My Attic @ The Deck please add to the Group Pool on Flickr 

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Poses by : aDORKable Poses & Ploom Poses @ My Attic @ The Deck 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


1st Pic:


Skin Worn:

Audrey Debutante – Natural – Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck

Audrey Debutante – Natural - Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck


Panama Hat/Hair Part Mesh Texture Change – The Strand @ My Attic @ The Deck

She Loves You – Exile @ My Attic @ The Deck

Deborah Hair – Mina Hair @ My Attic @ The Deck


Audrey Dress MESH – Maitreya @ My Attic @ The Deck

Savoir Top – Maitreya 

Fur Cape – COCO


Xylia Pumps – Celoe 

Treaders – Maitreya 


Jackie O Sunglasses – Maitreya @ My Attic @ The Deck

Licorice Jelly Bangle MESH – The Strand @ My Attic @ The Deck

Mery Gloves, Norma Clutch – Celoe 

Classic Nails – Izzies 

Silver Drop with Jet Necklace – Maxi Gossamer


2nd Pic:


Skin Worn:

Audrey Debutante – Natural - Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck

Audrey Debutante – Natural - Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck

Eyeshadow Mix n Match Naturals Gold inner & outer shadow – Chelle @ My Attic @ The Deck


Clara MESH – Ploom @ My Attic @ The Deck

Italian Boy – Frou Frou @ My Attic @ The Deck


Vintage  Summer Beachwear Dress  – DCNY @ My Attic @ The Deck

Jennifer Skirt MESH – Elymode 


Sheila Thongs with feet – Slink 


Meow Peepers – Miel @ My Attic @ The Deck

Necklace, Bracelet & Bag (Part of Vintage Summer Beachwear Set) – DCNY @ My Attic @ The Deck

Classic Nails – Izzies 


3rd Pic:


Skin Worn:

Audrey Debutante – Natural - Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck

Audrey Debutante – Natural - Idiosyncrasy @ My Attic @ The Deck


Robin – EMO-tions @ My Attic @ The Deck


Total Betty Corset Dress – Cracked Mirror @ My Attic @ The Deck

Jennifer Skirt Sorbet – Elymode 


Glitter Peeptoe Pumps – SLink


Licorice & BubbleGum Jelly Bangles and Earrings MESH – The Strand @ My Attic @ The Deck

Classic Nails – Izzies