céad míle fáilte




It has been an incredibly busy week all over Second Life. Today is Saint Patricks Day, which for me always has a mixed emotion wrapped up in it. I do have fond memories of past St. Patricks day though, in Australia we have a parade, and also many locations have big events for the day. Once you are over 18 it is a must to have at least spent one at The Rocks. Personally though my favourite of memories was one year going to the local ice rink which they had covered with boards and there was a huge St. Paddy’s day dance. It was really cool watching all these people dancing, spanning every single age group as well, which was really nice. My Mummy is Irish – really from Ireland, so to all the Irish, half Irish, friends of Irish people, and people that just want to spend the day drinking Guiness or Green Berr,  and eating oysters – not sure where the Guiness and Oysters thing came from – Happy St. Patricks Day to you all.

A neighbour to Ireland is of course the UK, and if you have ever been to London, then Mayfair will be familiar to you in some degree. The Mayfair sim opened yesterday to much oooing and ahhhing, and a lot of frenzied shoppers. It is now the homebase location of the Mainstores of Celoe and Mon Tissu. The whole sim is Mesh and it is truly incredible…I will admit that the first time I saw it on completion I did cry. That may seem a little silly, or a lot silly to some, but to me having been in Second Life for nearly 6 years now, seeing something as beautiful and such a build of passion by talented creators, who I know worked so hard for 5 straight months on it, it was just so incredibly overwhelming. Then also factor in how Second Life has grown with its content creators, and with the tools we have available now, it is just wonderful to have been here long enough to see it. I actually took some pics of the sim, and the insides of the stores, you can see them HERE.

The Dade Slacks which are New from Celoe, are just glorious sturdy fabric flat fronted pants. I love how these are created, they have such a ‘favourite go to’ quality to them, they will age well and just get more comfy the more you wear them. I also love the colours that they come in, from really traditional slack shades to bright and spectacular brights, such as this wonderful gold colour. I wanted to mix that bright rich colour with a more subtle shade, and this beautiful shirt from UFO @ Collabor88/March was perfect. It has a boho look to it, so the latest Mesh hair from Ploom fit the bill. Coincidentally the HUD that allows for texture change had this colour already embedded so it was meant to be.

What totally enhanced the look was the New Makeup layer eye shadow from Elymode. I saw that she had just released these great Spring Mix Shadows, with a great two tone blend of shadow in such rich vibrant colours. My other favourite parts to this look, is the wonderful and quirky Dor Bag from Celoe, this bag is a great sized tote, and this one has Giraffes on it, how cute right. Then there are the wonderful jewelry pieces, all over sized chunky yummyness. There are two necklaces worn and they layer really well. The shoes are Organique flats by Ingenue, also part of Collabor88/march, these are pretty bow fronted shoes, that have a really comfy look with great texture detailing.

The next look, I also did two necklaces, these though are from the fabulous Bliensen + MaiTai and are their release for Fashion for Life. The tick tock necklace is really inspired, and just a little heartwarming with it’s old charm of a pocket watch. It is the Sakura version, which went well with my very floral clothing. Normally mixing prints is a fine line, and with the dark version of the Chelsea dress its darker print flower pattern was subtle enough to mix with these great floral print leggings from Kyoot @ Collabor88/March.

I really liked the blue accents in the leggings, so went with adding a little more with the addition of the fabulous new Mesh bag from R.icielli. The Yuse bag is a stunning style, and comes with two options, hand held or forearm with pose. Both worked well with the poses I chose from aDORKable. The Yuse bag also comes in a splendid range of colours, so be sure to check out their great new range of Mesh items. I added a little bit more in this fine blue, with the RB tank, the straps poking out from the dress are just a great splash of colour. All this blue made red hair a must, and in Australia we call redheads Bluey, no real clue why, it seems to be a thing that gets yelled out every so often at a pub, or when some obnoxious guy is trying to drunkenly hit on you. Ok I finally looked it up, and the reason is apparently because it’s ironical, just like calling a tall person Shorty, go figure, us Aussies are just odd.

The last look combines some of the great colours of the Irish flag, I am being a good little Half Irish girl, Mummy would be proud lol. It started with two incredible Celoe Mesh items. First off the Apple coloured Xylia pumps, such great shoes as also seen in the second pic, and then add to that the OMG I love this Tango coloured Nikka Mesh Skirt. The skirt is divine, the length is great the colours are awesome, and the high waist is lovely, but it is the fishtail back that I love the most, not only does it have the semi pleated flare at the back, but also the perfect seam and arch shaped stitching over the top, like a true fishtail skirt would have. LOVE IT!

Three more items from collabor88/march are the Yummy ring and necklace with crystals, they are also fabulously chunky and seriously that ring would do some major damage if you jabbed someone with it, thank goodness crystals like this are supposed to be therapeutic. The glasses have a wonderful leaf texture to them, and they are also from Collabor88/March from Intrigue & Co, they are so cute, and I did edit move them to look as though I was holding them instead of wearing them, just so they all fit in the same scene for a closer look. The other amazing jewlery pieces are from Celoe, more lovely Mesh items, with amazing shine and texture.

The skins I am wearing are Brianna from Izzies, such a great looking face and body on this skin, there are also wonderful lipsticks and eyeshadow add ons which I will show in more detail soon. DEMO DEMO DEMO.


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : aDORKable Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Brianna – Izzies 

makeup – spring mix – sunset – Elymode 


Kayla MESH – Ploom 


Dade Slacks MESH – Celoe 

Count on Me top – UFO @ Collabor88/March


Organique Flats – Ingenue @ Collabor88/March


Abihail Necklace, Carmi Necklace, Dara Bracelet, Dor Bag  MESH – Celoe 

Classic Nails – Izzies 


2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

Brianna Skin – Izzies 


Shira MESH – Ploom 


Chelsea Dress Dark MESH – Celoe

RB Tank – Maitreya 

Sisley Tights (Sky) – Kyoot @ Collabor88/March 


Xylia Pumps MESH – Celoe 


YUSE Bag MESH – R.icielli

Tick Tock Sakura Necklace, Zarah Necklace  – Bliensen + MaiTai @ Fashion For Life 

Classic Nails – Izzies 


3rd Me:

Skin Worn:

Brianna Skin – Izzies 

Lipstick Strawberry comes with skin – Izzies 


Shira MESH - Ploom 


Nikka Skirt MESH – Celoe 

Savoir Shirt – Maitreya 


Xylia Pumps MESH – Celoe 


Clement Necklace, Dedan Bracelet, Elah Charm Bracelet, Dor Bag MESH – Celoe 

Agate Slice Necklace, Crystal Cluster Ring  – Druzy MESH – Yummy @ Collabor88/March

Green leaf sunglasses MESH - Intrigue Co @ Collabor88/March

Classic nails – Izzies 

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