• Fetish

    Insolence has gotten Naughtier

    When Camilla of Insolence sent me a review pack of Latex I was so excited for a number of reasons.

    Newness from Insolence for one is always Yummy, but also the idea that someone that usually designs such pretty, Lacey, sheer, sensual pieces of feminine lingerie, to suddenly do a side step into the darker arts -giggles at calling it that, it’s not even true but my fingers are possessed.

    I have, as you have seen a lot of Latex , and what I love about the New Misty line from Insolence is how incredibly REAL it looks on the body.

    Camilla has made some very daring sets too in this line, pieces I cant exactly show you in full form- well I can I just choose not to. You can though see them in full glory on Camilla’s Insolence blog HERE.

    This is definitely play wear, with the different sets come different overall looks, some with a bit more coverage than the others, but all of them have play features, in the form of open crotch panties, allowing for some very mischievous play time.

    The sets also have definite Dominant/Submissive leanings in their designs, some sets are definitely one over the other and so on, which makes for definitely interesting wear, but disregarding labels they are ALL sexy as hell.

    Another reason these are fantastic and not just the quality -which is superb – but it gives those wanting this look to spice up their wardrobes more accessibility, and I don’t mean items wise, I mean shopping wise.

    If you have ever shopped for Latex in the past, you will find that the majority of it is in malls that specialise in fetish wear and so on .

    I have no problem with shopping in such areas at all, but then I grew up in the sex capital of Oz, lol so its no different to me than going up the street for cigarettes.

    Thats me though, and I know that even though some would love to spice up their boudoir, they aren’t always as willing to wander into such steamier sides of Phils Place, and that is TOTALLY understandable.

    Insolence now makes that shopping easier, also imagine the next time your partner gives you an Insolence Gift Card for a special occasion and you come back with one of the New Misty line items – grins and imagines the do not disturb sign dangling from some doors.
    Dionne the first picture is a wonderful almost full coverage set, this one is probably my favourite of the ones you are able to wear out.

    Not only is the latex incredible and has a definite tight rubber look to it, the zip work is incredible also.

    The hair is one of my all time favourite straight styles , Saleen in Black from Here Comes Trouble which is a 1L styles.

    The high high high heels are the Destiny heels from White Rabbit.

    Tracey which is the second pic, is a clubbier look you can definitely wear out dancing , and the top to this set would look fabulous with your favourite pair of leather or latex pants, or even jeans, the style definitely has you strapped in nice and tight.

    Keeping to that strapped in tight look I went with the Lilith boots by Dark Eden and the thigh pieces from the Lilith set, if your going for the boots, at the price you are crazy to not get the set as all the pieces are fab to mix with other things. The hair is another style from Here Comes Trouble called Lavonne, a bit more pulled back for nights of dancing.

    The third picture which is Sally would have to be probably my favourite for the private times sets , its totally cupless but its more about the shape of the corseting that I am taken with. The thin suspender straps connected to the latex stockings are also yummy, and with the waist cutouts as well its very provocative, with full cut outs also you can always mix with other lingerie, maybe test the waters so to speak.

    I am wearing the stunning Astrid Hair from Analog Dog, which I edited a little for the pics to cover up lol – always make a copy of hair before you mess with the prims, I would have been devastated if I had ruined this style, but with a copy I was able to move the front prims to not sink into my chest and cover up the cupless exposure.

    The boots are the Ballet boots from The Dominatrix store, and they have new ones with lots more locks, these ones and the others also have removable heels on click, which gives you that true on pointe look when wanted.

    The last set is the Grace set and this one is a lot more play time than the others, with the full breast cut outs , and the wonderful chaps pants as well as panties – can you actually call latex under pants panties ? sounds bizarre – whatever you want to call them, you get both options and again the detailing is wonderful.

    Thanks to Camilla of Insolence you can now explore your naughtier side with discretion, and gifting is a breeze.

    Always thankful for

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch
    [LAP] Long Akward Pose

  • Fundraiser

    Wheelies Concert

    Tonight at 6pm SLT there is going to be a live concert at Wheelies and a SpillOver location, thanks to the wonderful Dove Swanson of Long Akward Pose who has put together this incredible Event to help us raise more money for Wheelies and provide a night of wonderful entertainment I CANT WAIT !

    Dove’s Notecard

    Benefit Concert for Wheelies!

    “Where hurts are healed and new life begins.” — Wheelies 2008 Slogan

    Join us in helping support and raise money for a good cause, and listen to great tunes by some of SL’s finest live performers! Two hours of live streaming music, with all proceeds going to the Wheelies grid-wide, fund-raising event!

    WHEN: Monday 28th, 6-8pm SLT


    Spill over location where there are also vendors set up of the wheelies items.
    (alternate location incase of max capacity: ?? )


    @ 6:00 pm – Vladamir Lamont – Indie/Power Pop/Rock http://www.myspace.com/archstantonmusic
    Group: Vlad’s Biggest Fans!

    @ 6:30 pm – Jerico Jaxxon – Rock/Pop/Country
    Group: Jerico Jaxxon Jammers

    @ 7:00 pm – Phemie Alcott – Indie/Folk
    Group: Phemie’s Phans

    @ 7:30 pm – Digby Smalls – Rock/Alternative/Indie
    Group: Notorious D.I.G.

    Hope to see you there for great music, dancing, good people and fun times! But if you can’t make it, please consider donating or contributing in others ways:

    *Visit the Wheelies club to donate directly to their collection kiosks.

    *Visit the official fund-raising donation location to find special items created for this event that you can purchase where all or a percentage of your monies goes to Wheelies!

    Thank you to Sasy Scarborough for bringing this fund-raiser together and allowing me to participate. Thank you to Simon and Polgara and all the people at Wheelies for being so helpful. Thank you to all the managers and artists who are donating their time to making this benefit concert possible.

    -Dove Swanson

  • Fundraiser

    Wheelies Goodies ALL

    Ok lovely people of Phils Place, these are all the items out and the ways to get them.

    Antigua Spain by Digit Darkes


    L & W Furniture in Simple Cherry


    Skully Set by Coquette (comes with Boots)


    Floral Music Dress by SY Designs


    Valois Skirt Material Squirrel


    Winx Cloister Fire Pit


    Ann Gown Style Your Destiny


    Mika Shoes by DELA


    Dark Eden Stripped Boots, Skirts and Wheelies Stripped Jacket


    Evil Fairy Plenty for Everyone


    Fab Free Wheelies Skins


    The Flamingo Dress by Comme il Faut


    Heels on Wheels by Enkythings w/ skating animation (So Funna )


    Pearl set by Dark Mouse


    xoxSasyxox Skins 100L each Demos at location


  • Fundraiser

    More Wheelies Goodies 7

    Shannon Carroll of Coquette has made this incredible Skully set and not only is the outfit just fab with its Skully Pink and Blackness but the BOOTS are included all for only 225L OMG , all the proceeds are going to Wheelies and you are going to want to check out all the other lovelies in Coquette too yum yum.

    The set is so cute I have it on now and am at the fabulous Carnival watching clowns and Elephants and people on the dancefllor having a blast.

    Only a few more days left later on Ill post a full post of all the goodies but for now you can grab the LMs to all the stores HERE.

  • Fundraiser

    More Wheelies Goodies 6

    Sy Sy Chapman of SY Designs has created a wonderful dress called Floral Music and right now its being sold with all proceeds going to Wheelies, its sooo feminine and girly girl I love it.

    Has a definite back to the good old days look to it in a lovely contrast of blush pink and purple.

    also the fundraiser event is tonight at 6pm at the University of Texas Austin campus, they are throwing a Carnival for Wheelies at 6pm.

    WHAT: A carnival-theme event with games, rides, dancing, and entertainment to raise money for a good cause! Everything is free and donation boxes will be set up around the event to support Wheelies.

    WHO’S INVITED: Anyone and everyone who wants to have fun and give support to the Wheelies club.

    WHERE: The event will be located on a platform in our class island–HERE

    WHEN: This Sunday (4/27) at 6:00 PM SLT

    WHY: To have a fun time, interact, and most importantly–support a great cause.

    HOSTED BY: Students at the University of Texas at Austin with special help from Wheelies!

    *** “Where hurts are healed and new life begins” — Wheelies 2008 Slogan ***

  • Stylish

    Lavish Feri with Gravy

    Ok I dont know if the thought of that is exciting to anyone else, but if you know Feri Beckenbauer the idea of pouring some gravy over him is kind of funny -ok its possibly only me.

    Lets put Feri aside for a moment and take a moment to thank God that Old Gravy is back, because I for one am overjoyed that a whole folder of incredible hair can be worn again guilt free.

    Katy Angel of Lavish Style sent me her two latest sets, and until yesterday I didn’t get the opportunity to pull them out and have a closer look, and they are both just fabulous. They totaly inspired a different look than I usually go for, but had all the pieces to do – which kind of contradicts that first statement I guess.

    Lady Goth is the first set, it has lots of lovely pieces to the set, The detailing is wonderful and the use of sheer and ribbon lacing effects give it a sense of lingerie style, but as you can see with the right pieces you can definitely rock it out.

    The corset top is wonderful as I said with its sheer texture and the laces, but then my favourite parts are the armbands and the crossover straps at the front. The upper part to this set kept leading me to believe I was inked up, and definitely has a don’t mess with me kind of feel to it.

    The option of flexi mini, or the flexi mini topped with sheer long skirt are both great options and its what gives it so much versatility, as well as the adorable hotpants. As the set inspired some serious TUDE’ I went with the Beckenbauer Productions Chantal Rose Elikapeka boots , wonder if you can guess who those are named after lol, I love Feri’s boots they are always like my happy boots , I just clump around in them and feel all goodly.

    The hair is the Acid Aeri hair which I havent ever worn in a post before as its so awesome you would all cry you couldnt get it, but now you can with the much anticipated return of Old Gravy, I went by to see if I could find anything New last night but its still under construction , but if you cam in 😛 the hair I already have is already set for sale and knowing how Old Gravy can be that under construction sign will probably stay there forever lol just to prove what lengths we will go to to get hair lol.
    The next set is the Night Whisper set by Lavish Style and there is a great amount of loving for this style.

    The top is like incredible chainmalle at the bottom and the lovely silvery breast covering portion of the top has such great shading and gathering it really is top notch work – I really want a gown like that now lol.

    You have two options again for skirts, first off the static super mini, that is just great for all AO’s , and then the flexi skirt with just a little more length but not much.

    The stockings and gloves on this set are an incredible laced up effect, again incredible work, that would not be an easy achievement to create, and you know that you will get lots of options to pull them out and wear them with other combos , you also have the adorable hotpants and there are panties too but lost those somehow – no not that way dirty minded you .

    The hair is TRASH , by Old Gravy , when this was released I raced right over to get it, that was at least 3 builds ago, in my time in Phils Place since I found Old Gravy there have been 6 this new one will be the 7th as far as my recollection goes lol.

    Just goes to show Oldies are always goodies, this style always made me think of peroxide and heating wand torture, that you have done so much damage to your hair with chemicals and other manipulating tools that thats the look you end up with , isn’t it just FAB!.

    Feri saved the day again with the wonderful Silver Flame Oi! boots , from Beckenbauer Productions with their as named silver flames up the sides and the fronts of these boots they are perfect for this set and overall look, not too flaming and not too out there , just a nice subtle hint of silver to the already fabulous boots.

    The skin I am wearing is again the Arcane skin from TRUTH but in the Ghost tone Ruby Vivid Make Up, as I truly love this tone for Goth without looking like someone painted you with liquid paper.

    Lavish style has so many incredible sets like these two from all ranges of looks lingerie to casual to formal so go and take a look asap.

    Always thankful for

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch
    [LAP] Long Akward Pose

  • Stylish

    Summer Time Love

    When Kuranosuke Kamachi of Dela passed me the New Kate dresses, all i could think about was the beach.

    Especially when I put on the long leggings underneath this wonderful dress, as it just makes me think of swim wear of the early part of last century.

    The thing about that though is that it makes for an interesting canvas for an overall resort style look. If resorts aren’t your thing, then think Monte Carlo.

    So once I had that thought in my head it was all about looking as though I had not a care in the world, and that my only plans were making the most of the day and the transition socially into the night.

    I wanted to also show off my new Reptile Sunglasses from Artilleri and the wonderful carpark sale that is on at the moment – when you get to the main store there is a sign to click for the LM to the SALE but it is just around the corner if you feel like the stroll.

    Kuranosuke likes using bold prints and colours in her work, and somehow she always makes them look extremely elegant. This dress is no exception, you can make it playful looking, but with a few accessories and some stylish hair you have glam. The cuff bangles that match the Kate dress come with so you are already half way there.

    It actualy took me the whole time taking pics to realise that the hair I decided was the perfect look I was going for was also called Kate from Dernier Cri – and yes I finally dyed my second batch, its hard to go from the fabulous blonde but decided that that style needed to be shown off in a rich brunette.

    The skin is the Latte tone in Disco make-up by Arcane based inside TRUTH, as I said when I originally posted this skin , it has a definite healthy look to it that I love. All of the wonderful footwear is also by Dela, the wonderful ankle boots called Devon, the Namid sandals with texture change gemstones in the Gold , and the Thaelle Heels without the ankle ribbons – its wonderful having two looks for one shoe.

    The Byzantine Choker Chain is by Essentia and the linking for this chain is totally true to the RL link work that has made Byzantine a very popular style, and one I wear often. So if your day is needing that little glam lift then saunter on over to Dela and grab Kate for a day out.

    All the poses today are the NEW delish poses from Maitreya , Beau always does incredile poses and stands, so its always exciting with a new set is released and some for the men also.

    Always thankful for

    Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

    My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

    My eyes which I get complimented on all the time are from Minnu Model Skins the MMS Green which I love.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
    Digital Dragon Designs
    Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
    Happy Dispatch
    [LAP] Long Akward Pose

  • Fundraiser

    More Wheelies Goodies 5

    Sidonie Larkham of L & W Furniture has created this fabulous set of Simple Cherry furniture, the reason for the furniture was to provide beautiful pieces with low prims for the people out there that rent accomodation.

    There are 35 animations in the bed and to keep prim count even lower the canopy and frame are optional , which is great. There are instructions on how to adjust the poseballs for your needs and this is just a lovely set for when you do or dont need to watch your primmage .
    Sidonie has set this up for display HERE and you can buy it with 50% of the money going to Wheelies YAY .

  • Fundraiser

    More Wheelies Goodies 4

    Some more fab items have been put up at Dark Eden to raise funds for Wheelies, Etain also went a step further to personalise the back of the stripped Jacket which is just lovely, thank you.

    I am going to list all locations to find items so that its not confusing to try and find them all.

    Dark Eden



    SYD (Style Your Destiny)

    Whimsy Whinx & xoxSasyxox

    Comme il Faut

    PFE (Plenty for Everyone)

    Material Squirrel

    Fab Free

    Dark Mouse

  • Stylish

    An Apology

    I am writing this with great difficulty as I feel I have caused more harm than I would ever have wanted to do. The other day I watched a movie on YouTube and it moved me, moved me enough to want to visit one of the places mentioned in it.
    When I arrived I saw that the place was very different than the one shown in the film, I hadn’t full rezzed but just the initial outline of the room was different, so I opened search again to make sure I had in fact TP’d to the correct place.

    I saw that in search it said temporary location and finally rezzed to see the fountain to support the place-like many many clubs and places that have tip jars to raise tier etc- I put money in and was still camming around the building wondering what or why it was changed.

    One of the people involved in wheelies tpd in and she and I spoke, problem was my first thought straight off was what can I do to help them get back to what i had seen, the lady told me that they were having a fundraiser on Sunday this week, and that money raised from that would go towards their efforts to rebuild.
    I got all excited at that, and knowing that I have so many generous friends and know of so many incredibly generous people, I told her that I would love to try and get some people to help more – she was I think very surprised at that ,I don’t begin to guess her thoughts but since dealing with the lady that donates the use of her land to them already, all I have heard has been excitement over how incredible the people I contacted have been.

    But see they don’t have experience with the second life I experience every day, they have their own second lives and their focus when in world is wheelies.

    Thing is that they aren’t a charity, I myself put that word in the note card referring to the fountain, but at no other time that I am aware did I say it was so , it isn’t, and I knew that; but my head wrapped strangely around the note card and I was negligent in not rereading it to make sure it didn’t say that or wasn’t misrepresented.

    That is not their fault that I did that, this also isn’t their fault that some crazy girl got all weepy watching YouTube and like a dog with a bone went a bit nuts. For some odd reason everyone thinks my motivation behind this is Wheelies itself , its actually not, my motivation was seeing a lady on a screen share that one place in Sl makes her feel at home, somewhere that her few hours a day she has after work in RL keeps her in touch with her friends in SL, somewhere that isn’t hard to navigate around because she wishes for the most part to stay in a wheelchair like she is in RL.

    You see when I went to the club, its one large round room, with seating off to the sides, and above the DJ area there is a sign to click for seated dances, has anyone ever seen those elsewhere in SL ? I hadnt.
    So not only was the temporary location wheelchair accessible for maneuverability, but the dancing catered to those that were in chairs, that again moved me.
    Behind the DJ area was a calender, a board that stated what event happened each day; and not only was there nights of DJ’s, but there was a night for story telling and one night a week for discussions, again Moved.

    When I was in yahoo I was part of a discussion group, a place people came to every day and a topic was chosen relative to the group and talked about, some heated things would come up lol but allot of the time people really gained understanding and sometimes really felt they had been heard and helped.

    In RL when I came to SL – well I was actually dragged by a friend from Yahoo- who knew that if I didn’t come here would drown; and I was.
    I landed in SL and saw different things through very closed eyes, but came across a sim that I was so welcomed at I stayed, that was fear.
    I actually didn’t leave that sim for a long time, you see one thing I am very good at is faking myself, that might seem an odd thing to say but its about having lost yourself and remembering what you are, and what you have done, and re-enacting it every day to survive.

    Because of the people of the sim I was at and their caring and support to me, letting me feel I was helping them help others at their place, I started to forget to fake it and just was.

    The most amazing thing to me one day about a month in was that the owner of the sim came to me and said that he was building me a sky box in the sky, and letting me have a 100 prims to use how I wanted to furnish it.
    I was overwhelmed. I knew by then how important prims were to a person that needed all of them to run their business, and that he had worked out a way for me to have a home in SL was just incredible.
    No more changing clothes on abandoned rooftops in fear of being seen naked – yes I associate far too much with my avatar- somewhere to actually invite new and my older friend too, to just sit and talk without other people walking into the convo- back then I tended to talk too much about too much in open chat- that was all precious to me, but more so that the person had given me those things and the trust to use them respectfully.

    Every day those first few months in SL I went back to being more me, more me in SL than I could be in RL right now .. people came every day to sit by the fire and talk, unload their worries and concerns about RL and SL, to just have a space where they weren’t intimidated and there was no other agenda, no sploders and no Best In such and such going on, do you remember SL 2 years ago ?
    Maybe I didn’t explore enough as I did end up working full time there managing their mall rentals, and then eventually moved on to Manage a store.
    But even then when I moved on to House of Zen the island that they created was also a place like that, we had many people just pop in, not to shop always but to just come and chat , the owners didn’t care they didn’t spend money, they liked the fact that my friends and our customers would turn into friends of not just us, but the island.

    Again I had a home; and yes it was part of my pay, but it was more important to me than that. I worked out a way to have a premium account, that actually came from realising that if I wanted spending money, before my job at Hoz I would have to buy lindens, and when back then you had to do a minimum of 25usd for me that was closer to 40.00 and unfortunately when you bring it in you spend it. Realising that for me being a premium would give me an allowance weekly I chose that option, couldn’t really afford to but it was cheaper than the alternative.

    Many others don’t have either option, and many will say that if they can afford a pc and internet etc that they should. Thats looking at the internet and pc as a luxury item; and in a sense I guess it is, but for some and probably many its an only communication option, if I had to choose between a telephone and the internet , the internet would win hands down.

    Ok I am rambling as usual, but you see; ok maybe it is for me about wheelies the place, because to me without places like wheelies, people like me who were so in need of SL at the time but so fearful of people and not being able to cope with clicque’s and possibly intruding on others; wont have a place to go to.

    It takes time to adapt to SL for most people regardless of their RL and skills etc, it takes time to learn where the wonderful places are, and that everything here isn’t about blue and pink balls or shooting things up. It takes time to learn how to deruth and not save changes when you are. Every day I encounter New Residents that tell me ‘Sorry I’m Stupid, I’m New’ it makes my heart lurch to my throat, that anyone feels that way even for an instant upsets me when its not them at all, but the intricacies of the place.

    But when you are hesitant about taking a leap into something that is so intense in the first place, you do need a place that you can breathe.When I found that first place it was by searching in places using a keyword that led me there, and I was lucky to have found it. I think that I have probably told hundreds of people that were new to do the same, to use search places and type in a word that they have as a hobby or something they have an interest in RL or haven’t ever had the opportunity to experience in RL, like a trip to Paris or Skydiving. I think that maybe when some people that found wheelies typed in whatever they did they found that place, and its because they had that need for it.

    The Texas Uni at Austin were helping them with a fundraiser , again I think that they were approached and offered this event, this is not wheelies going around with their hands out, this was my over eager to help actions that have possibly caused a negative approach to a worthwhile place.

    They have said they want to eventually offer spaces to live for people that are in their group, and that also seems to have been taken way out of context too. As I shared my experience above, all I took from that is letting people have a spot of land that is theirs to be in, clean their inventory in peace, put pretty furniture down they may not be able to have in RL , it might be a place they just go to for peace, its amazing to me all the time how calming it is to rez a zafu meditation pillow and sit and watch my avatar do the Ommmmmm thing.

    Many sims in SL are owned by people that let their friends and loved ones have space, set up a prim house and chill out at. Some people charge rent to people , some people have given whole sims away to people because they know they will put them to good use, some let them have stores for free to create a community; all of that happens all over the place and yet somehow wheelies wanting to have a community space has become a bad thing ?.

    I will not and refuse to see that as someone asking for handouts, or throwing a pity party for people that may or may not have some restriction in RL that others don’t have, I have never thought of being in a wheelchair as a disability or inability to do incredible things, there are so many reasons some people may have restrictions on physical abilities whether it be a health or mental issue is their business; and something they have to live with each day. But wanting to build an environment that is accessible to all – and yes that is the main reason they want a bigger space eventually ACCESS for chairs – is not something that should be tainted.

    I made an error a big one, I wanted to help them get what I felt they deserved, I never thought they deserved it because they happen to be in chairs or not, I felt they deserved it because they provide a safe and friendly environment for those that need it.

    Whether you believe that people shouldn’t accept help or not, or whether you think that people with restrictions should stand on their own and earn it, is kind of besides the point. No one said they weren’t, until now they have; and unfortunately hit a rough patch.
    I just wanted to show that there were such kind people all over SL, that if I asked may or may not choose to help , thats also the thing the majority of my contacts with others were my friends list, yes I made a kit and got a script together , yes I asked others to jump on board; but at no time did I expect them to feel obligated to, did I know they would ? sure, I have that faith in my second life surroundings, did I expect to hurt anyone NO, do I regret that I did DEFINITELY , but more so I am so very sorry that because of my wanting to help, that I may in fact have sullied Wheelies reputation with people that might not have ever heard of them before I did this hurts me way more.

    Because of what I have done there is negativity towards them, they didn’t ask for my help or anyones, they would have gotten along the way they have been without me trying I am sure, so please please don’t make it about them, and the assumption they want something for nothing or are doing something that they should do for themselves, as i said they are and have been.

    I steamrolled in and didn’t think for a second that the consequences of that would make people think they were anything other than one of many communities in SL, for that I am ashamed of myself and really I hope that you do see this now as me just jumping right in there and not their fault.

    The people that have given of their time already and their products to help raise money for wheelies I will always be so greatful to, and everyone that has purchased items I give a huge thanks to too, everyone that has donated product proceeds has done so for their own reasons, yes I wrote a blog post that may have encouraged it, but I don’t believe for a second I am that powerful.

    I believe fully that those that have, have done so because they were also moved by the video as it was the video that motivated it, and the video that I encouraged people to watch , it wasn’t a doco on wheelies but one womans interview about her life and second life that just happened to mention it is where she goes. I also know from IM’s that people were motivated because of their own RL experiences, some that have first hand experience and some that work within that field.

    My other big confession or perhaps motivation was that we raise so many funds for causes in SL every day , but every time that money is raised its taken out of world; it goes to wherever it is needed and that is wonderful. I am forever proud of the residents that inhabit second life, but this time I saw something that could stay in world – again probably relating far too much to my avatar – I guess I wanted to see them grow, see them move on to bigger and better and be able to pop in and visit on occasion and know that people I know and didn’t know until the last few days contributed to that.
    I also wanted to give a helping hand to those that have been doing it up until now, to offer them that support and say hey you are so appreciated .

    So again please dismiss my using the wrong word in a notecard about a fountain, they arent a charity they have never said they were , and please know that no one, especially me; meant to turn something good into something negative.